Monday, August 16, 2010

Something New

In my professional career, I've never had an LDS co-worker. This year I do.

It kind of makes me feel like my two worlds are colliding. Since moving to DC I've met people one of two ways: work or Church.

I've made many wonderful, life changing friendships through my career. Through the Gospel I've met individuals I admire, but I never put energy into making fabulous friendships with sisters (or couples) I met through my faith. I feel like I only share my best self with my colleagues. I've never really been able to figure out the WHY behind all this. So it may sound strange, but I'm really curious to find out what kind of personality and connection will come out of me while making a new acquaintance that fits into all major spectrums of my life.

Posts like this are the inspiration behind the title of this blog. I really love to talk to myself.

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