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This blog was started way back in 2007. It originated as a place to keep in touch with family and friends back "home." My husband and I were living in the DC area and I needed to figure out a way to stay connected to the Utah life I left behind. Blogging felt like the right answer. Back then blogs (at least my blog circle) were all about "journaling" and "tagging" and total internet randomness/lameness. Please overlook any stupidty posted pre-2010. What ever nonsense I posted back then was supposedly "cool" (wow, I'm really in to air quotes right now), and you'd actually be surprised to know I deleted some of the least intelligent posts from those days.

Some of my favorite posts come from those early days, when I was teaching inner city teens. I worked in DC public schools for nearly four years. Posts from that era of my life are labelled "Dunbar" "Deal" and/or "Teacher Rhetoric." I've tried to write a separate blog to keep the memories from those days alive, but I haven't gotten too far; you'll find that under the tab "Teaching Tales."

Lately my blog has transformed into somewhat of a mommy blog. I fought it good and hard for the first two years of motherhood. But I'm giving up the battle. I spend way too much time on pinterest to pretend like that's not me. I still post journal style entries, that only my parents probably care about, and I still reserve the right to rant and rave about any political drama that ruffles my feathers. You've been warned.

Welcome to my ramblings. I truly use this blog as a space to talk to myself, and I admire anyone who cares to listen in on those conversations.

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Anonymous said...

I love this idea the unfortunate part is three links are not accessible to download which is too bad. But other than that you have a good idea.

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