Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Virtual Tour

Alright, so blogger didn't like my videos. Instead I had to upload them to youtube and then share them here. Either way, it works.

The video started recording after I'd already said my opening lines, so if it seems like an awkward start, that is why.

Aren't you so impressed Reid didn't eat any of those treats that were right at his reach?  I am!

I realize there is no video of the yard or outside of the house, so I'll probably do one more post with some yard pictures and background info on our neighborhood. Then you should have all you need (and more than you want) to know about our new home.

The open house really was a blast. I was hesitant to have one because I dislike holding "parties" where people feel like they have to bring a gift. But Ben's coworkers were pretty insistent we have a house warming party. I think they all forgot we don't drink and therefore the party they were begging for would not include free alcohol. Ha, ha. Still, we had great support from his office. All but three of his coworkers came. He works with such a wonderful group of people, and it was fun to welcome them into our home. About five families from the ward came as well, I love the spirit ward members bring with them. 

Confession: I have never been to a house warming party and actually had no idea what it entailed. So when Ben (his coworkers really) finally convinced me to throw the party I had to look it up on google. Yup, I googled how to host a house warming party. My search actually helped calm my nerves. The internet told me no one would judge me for still having a box here or there; people are really just interested in seeing your layout and location. There is no need for themes or games (whew, my kind of party). As host, all you have to do is put some finger foods on the kitchen table, some treats by the door, and then greet people as they arrive and thank them as they leave. You should offer tours every 10 minutes or so and you obviously have to make small chat as your house fills up with friends. Easy enough! 

For food we doubled this caprese salad, doubled my mom's yummy cowboy caviar (think corn and black bean salsa), made a cream cheese and peach chutney dip, and bought a veggie tray. We had about 5, 2 litres of soda and some cranberry chocolate chunk cookies and mint brownies. We signed up to feed the missionaries the following night, incase we had a ton of leftovers. But that was not the case, the caprese salad and cowboy caviar were gone in about an hour and a half. The veggie tray wasn't so popular (surprise).

I think Ben and I agree that the best part of hosting an Open House was that it forced us to hang things on our walls, stain our deck, and give the house a good clean. We did have one unpacked box hidden in his closet, and as you can tell from the video some of the rooms aren't finished. But the internet didn't lie to me, I don't think anyone was checking for finishing touches or detailed cleaning. People really just want to come see your big purchase and spoil you with kindness. We felt truly blessed.  

It was fabulous to fill our home with friends. Everyone was very complimentary. And though my feet were aching and swollen by the end of the night, I had a wonderful time. I love food, so I loved prepping all the dishes and sharing them with my favorite Oshkosh locals. I think my favorite part of the evening though, was watching Reid and 7 other little kids run around our back yard. Seeing them all play with lots and lots of extra space around them reminded me of the very reason we wanted a house. Having your own yard really is a perfect way to build lasting childhood memories.  


Casie said...

Loved the tour! And your belly is so dang cute!

alisamm said...

Your house is adorable! I love it. And the basement...well, what a fantastic space! I'm sorry we didn't make it to the open house, we've been away a lot of the second half of this summer. But really glad you posted this. :) Happy house Szilagyi family!

Sarah Pittard said...

I'm totally blog stalking :) love your home Liz!! It's beautiful!!!

Sarah Pittard said...

and Reid is a major cutie!!!

Polly Blevins said...

I love your house and your pregnant belly! You are adorable!

Megan said...

I loved Reid's "ooohhhs" in the first video. So cute. It was fun to hear your voices! Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Loved the videos. Can't wait to try out those bedrooms downstairs. Won't be too much longer now.

Love, Pa

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