Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"I" Tag

i am: excited for my Triathlon
i know: everything. That's right . . . EVERYTHING

i want: my girls to win the Basketball championship this year

i have: a bad habit of picking my hang nails

i wish: I could travel the world

i hate: when people bring up politics at church. Not every Mormon is republican!

i miss: Malaysia and my friends there

i fear: needles
i hear: languages - I love them

i smell: my hair
i love: books

i crave: M&Ms and licorice, together of course

i search: my soul

i regret: nothing

i love: Ben

i care: about sharing the gospel

i always: have a blast when my girlfriends get together

i am not: skinny anymore :(

i sing: along to my favorite songs while working out

i fight: the urge to sleep till noon, and lose regularly
i write: novels in my head, I'm scared to put them on paper

i lose: when Ben and I wrestle

i win: over the hearts of my students

i never: plan on going back to PC based computers
i listen: to my "new songs" playlist
i am scared: I'm not a good teacher

i need: more snuggles

i am happy about: Life
i tag: Laura, Mel, and Jodi


Lydia said...

The put the novels on the computer. What can it hurt. You are an excellent writer. Even if it is only for your eyes. I think you will love the experience! Thanks for sharing! BTW, I have that bad habit too, how do we quit?

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

I loved the way you used lower case letters for "republican." You are truly my daughter!
The Ultimate DEMOCRAT

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