Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jaedon Turns Three!

This week was pretty crazy. I'll have to write about the moving fiasco when I have some pictures to post of our new place. But even with all the packing and stress, I still found time to make it out to Hershey, PA on Jaedon's birthday. You know I wouldn't miss it. We had a ball. Right when I showed up he started talking about Chuckee Cheese. The kid loves that place. So we headed out and started having fun right away.

This is a picture of him on a roller coaster stimulated ride. He rode it three times in a row on two different occasions. I loved when he finally put his hands up. Mel kept trying to get him to but it took a couple of tries before he gave in. And then he wouldn't put them down.

After Chuckee Cheese we went to Dick's Sports so Mel could look for a swimsuit for our Triathlon. Jaedon and I played with this bouncy gooshy ball, raced on the shoe try on track, and he rode the Disney Princess bike around the store. He was just having the time of his life at that store. I love how easily entertained kids are. Why do we grow out of that?

This is the next morning before I left. Jaedon was having a big birthday party that night and I can't wait to read about it on Mel's blog. I bet he had so much fun with all his friends. This picture doesn't do Livy justice. She is just the cutest little toddler. Mel always dresses her so cute. And I can't believe how much she is walking now, mostly with someones help. She just loves to use those little legs of hers.

I had a great time and can't wait for Jon and Mel's next temple trip. I already told Jaedon he has to bring his swimsuit next time he comes to see me.

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The Rowley's said...

Hey Liz. Thanks for the comment ask your dad to send me a invite or post a comment so I can invite him. I always thought your dad was the greatest no matter how many times I was in the office or outside of school. Yeah I miss Utah I do have more pics I am gonna post so everyone can see them. Yeah my memory of you was when you came up to me and was just so nice to me and offered me to have lunch with you it was so fun and we talked and hung out at a game one time even though you played it was great. Well talk to you soon hun!

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