Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh, thankgoodness for Columbus

I love that in DC we celebrate every holiday. Even the day Columbus sailed the ocean blue. It was so nice to have a long weekend. I tried to get Ben to go to Virginia Beach with me, but we bailed on Marie and Dave for about the third time. Even though we didn't get our cheap vacation getaway, we did get out to enjoy some of mother nature.

Saturday we went to Prince William National Park, for about a three hour hike. It was gorgeous. So green, and the perfect weather. Here are some pics:That was about as steep as the trail got. I sure do miss my mountain home. But my mountain home was never this green and alive.

Ben almost stepped on this little guy. We had fun playing with this millipede. His legs looked like a wave while he slithered on his way. We also saw a bright green caterpillar, a large snake, lizards with bright blue tails, lots of fungi, and some fish.
The hike by the creek was the prettiest part of the trail. It was great exercise. And a wonderful way to spend quality time together.

Sidenote: I'm looking for someone who has read Life of Pi. I need to discuss this book with someone.


Mom and Dad Bassett said...

What beautiful photos Liz! But, of course, you and Ben are the best part of the photos! But Ben does have some wild competion with his 'pet of many legs.' Glad you had such a nice day off. We did not get Columbus day off, but do we do get fall vacation Monday and Tuesday (I do believe it is timed for the deer hunt, just call it fall break.) Eat your heart out Matthew Bud as I do believe your district does not allow fall break. But we are not doing U.E.A. and I think he is. Have a great day sis and Ben! Love ya Mom

HDunkley said...

I'm jealous! Why don't we get Columbus Day off in Utah? Not fair! Your pictures are beautiful. :)

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