Friday, December 12, 2008

Loads of Laughs

So here are a few things that have really made me laugh lately.

Today, as I introduced the term bibliography to each of my classes they all told me they knew what it was. "A story you write about someone else." Ah, life before research papers.

The other day at the Doctor's office, as I was getting an EKG done (or maybe it's a KEG, not sure) the nurse asked how long ago I had my boobs done. What a compliment.

At the same appiontment I passed out as they drew blood from my arm. Passing out is the craziest thing. Thought I'd get over needles by the age of 26, but aparently I'm not.

Dwight Shrute: "Catch phrase, 'My horn can pierce the sky' pathetic." The Office, watch it.

Today, when I told my students I had good news for them, the whole class shouted "You're pregnant?!?!" They're as anxious as the in-laws.

I get a chuckle out of telling Kenya how much I love Jacob each time I see her reading the next Twilight book. "Please, just tell me she ends up with Edward," she pleads as I smile and walk away. I love that I have one, actually two, student(s) who read during their spare time (and whenever class gets really boring).

And this picture of Noah with Santa . . .


Levi and Erin Larson said...

Hey Liz! How are things? It has been a while since I have seen ya. Congrats on being pregant! Thats so exciting. Sorry it has taken me forever to get back to ya. I have been a slacker. To answer your question, yes, Kellie is a freshman this year. Crazy, huh? Well looks like things are going well for ya.

Mel said...

So are you pregnant?! And it is an EKG. You are too funny.

Liz Szilagyi said...

Wait, I'm not pregnant. I guess I should have added that my good news was a bribe. If my students behaved and did their work I let them watch something on my computer at the end of class. I'll have to quit posting stuff about wanting a baby. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. Ha ha.

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Love that photo of Noah and Santa!!! Priceless. Little ones love him from a, yes, jolly, old, fat mans!

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