Friday, March 20, 2009

At this hour . . .

One of my best friends is getting married . . . and I'm not there. It is killing me! I found cheap tickets once, but I merely saved the flight plans and foolishly assumed I could book them a couple days later. As a consequence of this stupidity, I lost my chance to see Maci wed to her sweetheart, Ryan Leeflang. I'm so bummed about it. I've been looking for some reasonable prices everyday for about two weeks. I'd finally find some in the 300's and I'd get so excited till I realized they put me in Vegas at about 3:00. So sad, since I needed to be in St. George at 2:00. Anyway, in an effort to make me feel better I'll spend this time reflecting on my dear sweet Macers.

I totally remember the first time we met, summer of 1993. Quality Market, Delta, UT. I was so excited about the three new girls coming (from the South Elementary School) to my 5th grade class with Miss Roper. But I was convinced my dad had spelled this one girl's name wrong. It had to be Marci. :) I seriously spent my whole summer thinking about how I was going to be such good friends with this girl. Anyway, one afternoon in August we were checking out at Quality when my Dad pointed to this woman and her daughter and said "That's Maci." I was totally taken back by how tall she was! Ha ha, I rarley met someone my size. I also remember thinking "She looks so nice and quiet, we'll be friends for sure." We might have exchanged friendly hellos. I think we were introduced, cause I do remember thinking she seemed so quiet and shy. But I was immediately excited for school to start and for us to become friends. Which we did of course.

Here's a few pictures of some of my favorite Maci moments.Young Women's camps were always a highlight. Summer of 2000 (above) Maci was a fifth year, and I a fourth. So we just stayed in her tent the whole time and had Easy Cheese wars, and she signed me off on all my requirements. She owed me after whooping me so bad with that can of cheese. In 1998 (below) our camp was snowed out and we had to stay the night at the Palomor. So lame. To entertain ourselves, at 2:00a.m. -- we took her cheap-o camera, with no film, turned on the flash, and snapped the thing at the ceiling every 15 minutes. The flash was so bright the whole room lit up. The leaders were getting so mad. But we'd hide the camera and no one could figure out who was doing it. Guess I shouldn't complain about my students being obnoxious.

Our Senior year Shar, Ali, Marie, and Jen all had boyfriends so many a weekend night Maci, Carolyn and I found ourselves alone at Gardner's house. Apparently we were so lonely we went after Carolyn's Dad's game (above) and snuggled with each other (below).

Shar's wedding. Shar often reminds us that Delta saw it's worst rainstorm ever during her outdoor reception. All the guests were running inside with gifts and decorations as the rain just poured down. Maci, Ali, and I started to head back out for more of the stuff when Shar's Aunt told us to let the boys take care of the storm. Without stopping Maci ran out the door shouting "But I'm having so much fun!" So Ali and I followed and we spent the next 5 minutes dancing in the rain with our Church clothes on.

I loved getting together while away at College. I remember hanging out at Jen's, begging someone to take the bottom picture with me. But no one would do it, until Maci showed up. I love Runaway Bride . . . that's where I got the inspiration.

Basketball team camps were always another summer time highlight. From Freshman to Senior year. Sorry Mac, that Ali and I made you sleep on that ridiculously tiny cot. I can't believe we weren't kind enough to rotate each night.
But Basketball and YW camps weren't the only times we got together over the summer . . .
I have two scrapbook pages of water fun during the summer of 01, and Maci is in every picture. The above pic was one of my favs, the night we played football in the Stake House sprinklers.
And isn't the middle school sleepover picture oh so cute. I had an elementary picture of us that was oh so cute, but I couldn't get it to load up on here. We were a whole head taller than the tallest boy in our class. ha ha.
I could go on much longer, but I'll stop here . . . with the summer we were bunk buddies. I loved staying up till all hours of the morning chatting with my Macers. I especially love that we rode that tiny airplane together during our trip to Lagoon. Marie and Al each had their own plane, but I'm guessing I was scared so Mac rode with me for comfort.

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Another one bites the dust! Congratulations Maci!

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