Friday, March 13, 2009

Meet Mrs. Brodrick

I carried her across the threshold first!

Oh girls!

Coming home from State Wrestles Senior Year

The High School Years
I have a whole scrapbook page just for her!

Hiking Bridal Veil Falls.

Sleepover after Marie's Wedding


Chasing her on the Beach in Cali . . . apparently she's scared of sweaweed.

2005I remember her coming to my house the first night I was back in the US.

Sleepover on my last night as a single girl . . . she snuggled me real nice.

Lunch with my besties.

2008At Fudd's in Chinatown.

. . . From Hill to Brodrick . . .

I loved going to Jen's sealing in the Salt Lake Temple. I just have to say it. I LOVE THE LDS TEMPLE!!! It really is the most spiritual place on the planet. It doesn't matter what one you are at or why you are there, it is always great. But I am so glad I was at the SLC one on February 28 to see Jen and TJ wed. Funny, that this is the first time I saw TJ. And watching them, I just knew it was meant to be. He fits her so well! They both radiated hapiness and love. It was a wonderful ceremony.

I didn't actually get to sit down and chat with TJ until the couple had been wed a week. But I totally aprove. He is super funny, but not the type that is always funny . . . he can have a real adult conversation. His responses to all my questions were superb, until I felt I knew him well enough to ask him who he voted for . . . Worse than that he admitted he watches Fox News every now and then. Oh TJ, good thing I like you enough to see past that.

Anyway, the title of this is Mrs. Brodrick, not Mr. So onto my best buddy Jen. I love this girl! We connected in Coach Peterson's ninth grade English class. Go figure that English is what finally brought us together. I'd heard of her way back in about 3rd or 4th grade. Her dad worked with my best friend's (Haley's) mom and we were convinced we'd be Jen's buddy in middle school. But it wasn't meant to be. Like I said, English had to bring us together. I'd imagine we were the smartest kids in class, bored with the lesson plans cause we were already such whizzes with the spoken word. That's all that could possibly explain all the trouble we got in. I remember Coach Pete begrudgingly giving Jen the highest score on a paper once. It was so funny, it was so obvious he wished he could fail her. He also told her that if she were his son he'd hit her. LOL! What could the two of us possibly being doing to deserve that?

It wasn't really until our Sophomore/Junior year that we fell in love though. Academically, we had a lot in common. The MoDel, Student Government, and we were both great buddies with Marie Lisonbee so it was inevitable we start spending every friday and saturday night together. And eventually everyday together. We'd start chasing after the same boys, younger boys since none of the ones our age seemed interested . . . taking road trips all over the state. And even getting into a little more trouble together.

Graduation didn't seperate us. We lived together one summer in Provo. A four month period where she managed to total cars #2 and #3. (I was with her in High School when she totaled car #1, Oh Jen). Then before I left for Asia we made a lovely trip down to California. I had so much fun with young adult Jen. Some friends you think, "if it weren't for Delta we'd a never ended up together." But not Jen. We would have totally grooved together in College. She probably partied more than me and I played more than her. But we really just always had something political, educaitonal, or totally goofy to talk about. I love this girl!

I know we will be friends forever. Even though she's a Brodrick now and not a Hill. That doesn't change much. . . she's still goofy, loveable Jen.


jenhill13 said...

Ha ha! That is a very attractive picture and I love that it is now available on the internet. I love you Lizzy :)

Riki Lee said...

I love all the pictures of you girls. Jen is great. I was friends with her in elementary school and have some fabulous pictures. You guys should see them! congratulations to her!

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