Saturday, May 23, 2009

Something positive

So I read through this month's posts and thought, shesh . . . I sound like a complainer! I'm really not. I love my job, chaos and all.

So in more positive news. By the end of this summer, I'll have two new nieces. Ma and Pa Bassett, along with Matt, Laura, Max and Ava are coming to visit DC and Hershey town for a week in July! A big YEAH for that. We'll miss teeny tiny, but we have to manage cause he'll be off in Europe serving our country. And, my allergies haven't been bad at all this year. I can't figure it out -- but I love not having to turn to meds.

I'll have to take some pictures of our patio, we finally planted some new greens. Life is good in Crystal Town VA.

1 comment:

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Sounds like you've started counting down too! So Noah and Jack are getting a little sister! Did I know that? You did say two nieces, correct? Explain.

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