Friday, June 19, 2009

3 Reasons

My dad had this little stitch hanging in his office while I was growing up, it read "The Three Reasons I Teach" on top; in the middle was a picture of an old one room school house, and then it read "June - July - August" I thought of that this morning after I dropped Ben off at work, 9:30am and the rest of the day was mine.

So I went on an epic bike ride. Not fully intentional. Last year I tried to get to Shirlington from Crystal City (the two major neighborhoods of our ward); I knew they connected but there was too much construction for me to figure it out. Today was a breeze though, and then some. Once I got to Shirlington I found the W&OD trail. It's an old train path, that now serves as a BEEautiful park. It was so hard for me to abandon the trail, but after about 7 miles I took a loop that I was hoping would lead me to Rossyln, where I could then hop on my regular Mount Vernon trail and make it back to Crystal City. Lucky for me it all worked out.

And I took Ben back to the park wet lands tonight for our date night.
Aren't we cute? This is the first "family picture" we've taken in a long time.
I LOVE purple wildflowers.

Ben loves turtles.
So he's acting like one! No really, we bought backcountry sleeping bags so we can do more camping. But then the bum backed out on me this weekend cause he's scared of a little rain in Shenendoah park. Apparently his shell won't protect him from a few light drops. Wuss!

Well, here are some summer goals so that I don't waste my three reasons for teaching:
  • Read a dozen books (including War and Peace, Bell Jar, and a bunch of middle school reads)
  • Feel good about my time in at least one triathlon
  • Camp on Assetegue Island
  • Backpack in Shenendoah
  • Go to the Beach at least once
  • Love on my nieces and nephews like crazy!
  • Lesson plan up through December
  • Pool party with my Dunbar friends
  • Research Middle School teaching strategies
  • Volunteer with one political . . . thinger majig.
I'll let you know how it all goes!


Mom and Dad Bassett said...

That is beautiful. Maybe we should do the bikeride when I come out. That would be great -- so long as there are too many hills! I'm getting excited. Won't be too much longer now... Pa

OCJenks said...

Fun date!! Looks so beautiful out there. I wish you lived closer, or we lived closer and we could camp together. We went last weekend and I must admit, I was the WUSS. But when I saw grizzly bear tracks all over it freaked me out. I made it through the night in the tent, but refused to do the hike. The tracks looked fresher.

Alison said...

Liz. I did post something and then take it down. All it said was "don't worry....all of my pictures have vanished. neato."

But I went back through and uploaded them again. (ugh is right!!!) So the post would have been even dumber had I left it.

Thanks for noticing, I can always count on you for that!!

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