Saturday, August 29, 2009

Poor Ben

I think I'm pretty low maintenance. I don't do pedies or manies, I don't dye my hair (I hardly cut it), I'm using make-up I bought pre-mish. Yup, pretty low maintenance.

Except . . .

I love to shop for clothes!!! Especially now that I'm not fat and my supply of old Buckle discount clothes is going out of style. Truth be told, I also HATE to shop. I'm not a mall goer. I don't go to the mall to "chill," and I have a really hard time shelling out money for stuff I don't really need (thus the five year old make up supply). Problem is, i heart the Buckle (they finally opened a store over in Annapolis!!!!) and New York and Company (literally one mile away from our house). Someone come cut up my credit/debit cards. Ben would really appreciate it.

What's the point of keeping old clothes? Now that I finally fit into them again I want new ones!

1 comment:

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

You need to drive home and "model" your new school clothes! Those were fun fun times, indeed.

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