Saturday, October 3, 2009

They're Funny

People often ask if I prefer High School or Middle School (now that I've tread water in both). It's hard to say, I do enjoy/miss the level of maturity High Schoolers bring. But Middle Schoolers are so entertaining. The other day, we were identifying foreshadowing in our class novel. We're in the middle of Copper Sun, which is a must read by the way. We were sentences away from the birth of Mrs Derby's baby when I pause to ask what is about to happen. Most the kids don't even see the black baby coming, and the shock on their face is priceless as other students point out all the clues. I ask -- in my most surprised voice possible -- "but how could she be having a black baby?"

A boy who never participates in class discussions shoots his hand up, his face is pleading for me to call on him. "Yes Yan----, she's having a black baby cause she slept with a black man."

"Hey," his face shows great disappointment, "I was going to say that."

"I know, so let's try the question again. Was she raped? Was it an affair? Who's the father?" He was saddened he couldn't answer any of those questions.

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