Saturday, November 21, 2009

A while back

Ben and I went to Gettysburg quite a while ago and I never posted any pictures of our journey. So here it is.

When we'd vacation through the beauty that is Utah my dad was always get after me for taking so many pictures of "things" and not people. He said pictures without people don't mean anything after all the years have gone by. I think he was on to something and I often get after Ben for taking so many pictures of the places we go without really getting any pictures of us while we're there. Either way, I think my Dad will like these. And I'd imagine Ben and I will always hold onto them.
This marker dedicates the place fighting first broke out. Lee's army greatly out numbered the shattered and leaderless North, but even so Lee wasn't prepared for that first shot to be fired.
Most the cannon barrels are actual barrels from the war. They say the artillery was so loud you could hear it 150 miles away in Philadelphia.
No words for this one.
The Union managed to keep the high ground throughout the three day battle. Lee made many brave attempts to attack that hill, but the leaders in the Union had everything to loose in this battle and they made some shocking moves that countered everything the Confederates fired at them.
Naturally, just beyond the bloody scene, you find such beauty.

We go on a field trip to Gettysburg in the spring and I'm pretty excited to return and spend some more time in such a sacred valley.


Utah Youngs said...

i remember when we went to Gettysburg on our 8th grade trip--it is a very humbling experience to walk on the same ground that so many brave souls fought and died on! Someday I want to go back and visit again--love the pics you took!

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Gettysburg was awesome I recall. It really makes you appreciate human life. What a tragedy war is, so pointless, so inhumane, but we humans thrive on it for some odd reason. Glad to know you're still alive and blogging. Wish you'd answer your phone!!!

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