Saturday, January 30, 2010

DCs best Winter

I am so in love with this winter. I love love love the snow. But Logan was even a bit much for me. Monday it was 50 degrees pretty steadily all day. Then today, it snows! And this year's snows haven't been what they usually are out here, there are real flakes falling. I love it. I could have winters like this the rest of my life.

It doesn't hurt that my church ball team is undefeated. It's a huge shocker, and a little thing we like to call missionary work.

School year is on the downward spiral. Gotta love the half way mark.

Thinking about taking a part-time job at Barnes and Noble so I can save up for a trip to India for a couple of little ones.

And thanks to my sweet family, and a little spirituality, I'm finally optimistic about Ben's job prospects.

Who'd a thought Mother Winter would be the one to kick the depression out of me?


Scott and Claudia said...

It was just great fun talking to my girl this afternoon! You sounded right perky, indeed you did! Glad you're loving winter. I always like a good snow myself -- as long as I don't have to drive in it. I'm a tad jealous of your church "snow day." Cozy up to Ben and a good book -- may I suggest the BofM?

Love, Pa

Scott and Claudia said...

I do love a beautiful snowfall. You know the kind with big, white, fluffy flakes. And, oh how I would love a snow day off for church! How fun is that! Just follow your fathers advice.

Glad to hear your b ball team is doing so well. I was informed the Y beat the U last night. Close to the end a Y player accidently shoved a U player, you know how sports go. Anyway, it ticked off the U player and he punched the Y guy in the nose! Needless, to say Mr. U was expelled from the game.

School is on the downward spiral. We are celebrating the 100 day this week. January is over and I am loving that!

I would love some little ones from India! Did you know we have some in our school? They run the old Best Western. The mom is very nice and the father to the kindergartener is very nice looking!

Enjoy your Sabbath at home. Love ya to the moon and back! Mom

Utah Youngs said...

are you adopting little ones????

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