Friday, February 12, 2010

I want to focus on something besides the weather

I really do, but it's hard to ignore the fact that my car is unusable for another week, that I have a week's worth of work to make up sometime in June, and that the cities Metro system gained a $109 million dollar debt over a six day period.

Thus the poll.

To answer all questions about "global warming," I point you to this wonderful article. I really wish they had called it "climate change." Whose decision was that? Can I blame it on Al Gore, I (like most Americans) like to blame things on politicians.

According to US weather reports, the level of precipitation accumulation and high winds classify the later of the two storms as a type 2 hurricane.

So, I don't just want you to participate in my poll. I really want you to give me your thoughts. Yes, this will require commenting. But really, let me know what you think about this crazy weather I've been experiencing. Why does it deserve disaster status? Why not? Is it a sign of the end of time, climate change? Or are people blowing it way out of proportion?

It is without a doubt one of the top two worst storms I've ever seen in my life. Aside from mountain altitudes, I've only seen this much snow on a "valley floor" one other time in my life. And that was so long ago I'm not really sure if this is less, it very likely could be more than Logan, UT winter of 01/02. It could even be more than my snowshoe trips in Logan Canyon. It's hard to tell. All I know is it's crazy to be a part of.

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Polly Blevins said...

The weather is crazy everywhere in the country. We have had some snow here in GA (not like you guys though). I don't think we need to call in the reinforcements and aide of natural disasters though. The reason is, I think if the city can handle it themselves, they need to do so. There are many more natural disasters that do much more damage than homebound people. They make people homelss, familyless, and lifeless. We should be focusing on them. Food storage!!!! Even someone who does not have much food stocked up can survive a week on what they have. If not, between themselves and their neighbors, they should be able to come up with something. Help ourselves first, even if it means a little sacrafice and that way, we can really help others in more sever situations. Why spread our money and resources too thin?

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