Monday, February 8, 2010


or Snowmageddon. Which has a better ring?

SEE PICTURES HERE, there's a couple below as well.

The truth: I've seen snow storms this big before. Ain't nothing to a Utah girl married to an Illie boy.

The reality: VDOT has to clear (not plow, but actually pick up and clear) an estimated 500,000 tons of snow in NOVA (northern virginia) alone! Metro can't run above ground once we have more than 6 inches. This neck of the woods does not have the equipment it needs to dig itself out of this storm. I saw a wheeled front loader clearing the road behind my house yesterday. I repeat, they don't just have to plow, they actually have to pick up the snow and find a place to dump it, thus the front loader.

The stories: I won't say much about my boss, cause Pops will scold me. Suffice it to say, she was actually going to hold school today. NO PUBLIC TRANSIT, I'm literally stranded out here in Crystal City with no physical way to get the 7 miles to my school. And she was going to have school anyway. I just really want to know what made her change her mind. Did the President call her and tell her what a bad idea that was? Or was it the thousand angry e-mails? My money is on the Mayor. Or the President.

Grocery stores were wiped out. I stopped by my local one on Thursday night, thinking I'd like to get Saturday's shopping done. I waited about ten minutes for a parking spot, not much longer than a busy Saturday. So imagine my surprise when I walked in the south side door and found that EVERY SINGLE AISLE was crammed all the way to the milk/meat aisle in the back. I walked through the whole store, just to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me, and then walked right out the north entrance. I drove to the next closest store, since it usually isn't as crowded, but cars were parked on the street outside the parking garage, just waiting to get in. I went and picked up Ben. We did our shopping a couple hours after the snow started. Lines were still long, most shelves were wiped out. But we got enough for our weekly meals.

Kabob Palace was open! We ate there for lunch Saturday. The snow was still pouring down, but we needed to get out. I knew our Afghani friends would pull through.

The forecast: Five or more inches moving in starting tomorrow afternoon!

The irony: Vancouver is trucking in snow and making the fake stuff for the games.

Oh El Nino. . . Spanish for The Nino.

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