Monday, March 22, 2010


Weeks ago I felt inspired to write a post about each of the people I saw join the Church while I was a missionary. The inspiration was a bit ironic. I had this sort of nightmare that someone asked me how many people "I baptized" and it just made me so upset. In this little nightmare I attempted to do what we are all trained to do in the MTC, and name everyone . . . well as I awoke from this nightmare (unable to remember all their names in the proper order) I felt the need to write up a post of each of their stories.

BUT . . . that requires I scan in their photos. Which means, I won't get to this inspiration for another month or so. But I promise, it is coming. And my political chit chat will be buried for a couple of months. Hopefully my loyal readers know I just get on these sort of political kicks for a month or so and then they fade.

Considering this month's March Madness, how could I not talk politics? And since Polly asked . . . I'll answer.

Simply put, I support the Health Care Bill (surprise!). My reasoning is similar to the Catholic Health Association and 60,000 nuns who fought the US Conference of Catholic Bishops on the matter. Sure, the bill isn't perfect (I don't think anything in politics will be until Christ is running the show) . . . BUT the fact that 32 million more Americans will have coverage is more important to me than all the little things politicians plugged in to get re-elected.

I'm comforted by the guarantee that insurance companies cannot drop someone once they become expensively ill. I rest better at night knowing that insurance companies cannot deny you coverage for pre-existing conditions.

I'm so excited people will be able to receive preventative health care instead of having to go to the ER (where citizens such as ourselves foot the bill). Lastly, I do believe that if the bill is left alone it will cut the federal deficit by over a trillion dollars, just as the Congressional Budget Office predicted.

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Scott and Claudia said...

Enjoyed and agreed with your commentary. Health care is simply a missing part of the civil rights formula that is long overdue.
And I'll add my two bits from a political standpoint -- I hope Matheson is defeated, and I don't care if it's in the primary or the general election -- don't care if it's a Republican or a Democrat. He deserves to go down!!! He represents no one except himself!
Pa (of course)

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