Saturday, April 10, 2010

Date Night

I love my honey. I had one of the most time consuming weeks at work I've had for a long time. Not cause of the kids. Their adorable, so naturally I hate giving them grades. I just want to say "I love Z***, I don't care that she earned a D, I'm going to give her a C." But that's not really fair to the kids I don't love. Although, I have never hesitated to let my students know that when it comes time for me to grade I ask myself, "Has this student really tried their best? Does this student behave well and participate in class? Or does this student drive me crazy with their poor choices and inappropriate behavior?" And then I make adjustments . . . and surprisingly no student has ever argued that. They know what they deserve better than anyone (even their parents).

Anyway, with all the grading stress at work -- frantically e-mailing parents, begging they get their students to make up missing work so I can feel justified in raising their grade an entire 10% -- our house was seriously neglected. I'd been looking forward to coming home and cleaning cleaning cleaning all weekend long. In the back of my mind Ben and I's date night was already canceled; we had to clean.

So imagine my utter joy when I walked in the door at 6:30 Friday night to a spotless house and a chocolate on my pillow! He is the best. (I wanted to take a picture of the chocolate, but that baby was out of the wrapper and in my mouth before I could even remember where the camera belongs).

Date Night, back on.

Thanks to NBC (I think they were paid to show re-runs of 30 Rock and The Office for the past three weeks so suckers like me would go to this movie), I had to go get my Carell-Fey fill. Off to the Mexican Cantina, Costco (for cheap tickets) and scouring a cramped theatre for seats by 8:20.

Was I disappointed? Absolutely NOT. Would I recommend it to my parents? Absolutely NOT. So overall, the movie passed one of my two movie greatness tests.

The Good: Fey and Carell. Nough said. But do I ever only say two words?

As expected, Fey truly is the funnier of the two. I always figured as much, but it was fun to finally see them side by side and realize she really is the King of Hollywood comedy. The story line was better than I expected. Despite all the car chasing and running from cops, their relationship was so REAL. After the whole Mark Wahlberg scene they take a time out from running for their lives to have a little fight about where their marriage is. I was shocked by how silent the theatre was. You could sense that everyone in attendance was relating to either Fey or Carell's side of the pain. There truly was the perfect balance between comedy, romance, special effects, and real life raw emotions.

The Bad: Have you seen The Proposal? Does Oscar's pole dance make you uncomfortable? Than this might not be the show for you.

Near the end there is one awkward little scene. It's not like "oh that movie would be perfect if it just didn't have a sex scene." The scene actually was plot driven and the characters only way out of life threatening trouble. Fey and Carell weren't the ones that made things awkward for me, it was a minor character -- William Fichtner -- the perverted DA of NYC who was depicted as all the awful politicians (and Tiger Woods) who waste their time and money on creepy hookers and prostitutes. That was just too much for me. I get that you can't have a Fey-Carell movie without a dance scene. They are so great at that. But Fichtner was just a gross character that didn't need that much attention. So it was a no go for the Mom and Dad test (and thus the purchasing test).

Anyway, if that won't bother you, go ahead and see it. It totally deepened my crush on Fey. I LOVE HER! We'll be friends in Heaven for sure!


Nick & Danielle said...

We went to that show last night and I can honestly say I have never laughed so hard at a movie!

Scott and Claudia said...

Thought Fey was a woman? Women can't be kings my dear. Didn't your mother have that talk with you?
Your Benjamin is a sweetheart, I must agree. That was very kind of him. We all know how much you LOVE to clean... 'nough said!
Have a great week sweetie. Love ya.

Scott and Claudia said...

Did you give the movie an A+? Did Tina Fey do her best? Did she behave herself? How was her participation? Sounds like Ben deserves an A+ for cleaning, chocolate, and date night. Glad you had a good one. Ask not if you would recommend it to your parents, but rather ask if your parents would recommend it to you! Mom

Laura said...

I want to see that movie. We might have to leave the kids home and sneak out one of these nights and go see it.

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