Friday, May 14, 2010

Utah's Predicament

To the outsiders of the world, Utah's current political situation with Bob Bennett poses an ugly predicament (though ugly is implied in the definition of predicament . . . I still wanted to add it in, for emphasis). The predicament lies in the direction American Conservatives are headed . . . which is quite opposite of the UK might I add. Both topics hit NPR with a different perspective each day.

Though I prefer NPR to any other news source, I was watching a certain 24-hour politically biased network at the gym (either FOX or MSNBC are always on the gym TVs and I never dare change it in fear that someone is purposefully wasting their time with such channels, plus they make for entertaining gym-brain workout). Three commentators were discussing what Utah's polls mean for the GOP and the nation as a whole, and one Pulitzer prize winning columnist cited a New York Times survey. I found the results SUPER intriguing.

He said 38% of Americans identified themselves as "conservative." Yet only 25% would go so far as to say they were Republican. His point was simple, citizens are not opposed to conservative political thinking . . . they are opposed to the Party.

I thought this was brilliant. A poll that sums up my whole political belief system.

I came home and looked up the definitions of conservative and liberal, and as I've always suspected (and even argued at times) the definition for conservative defines me best. Sadly, my experiences with Republican ideology put into practice has forever prevented me from ever identifying with the Party by name. I wish they'd figure out there is a population almost as big as their current force, willing to stand up for their values if they'd just tone it down a notch.

I mean take a lesson from our Grandmother Great Britian. Or how bout California 2008. Both are examples of what mainstream citizens really want. Not the Tea Party-ers. Quit tearing yourself apart GOP!


Tiff + Albert said...

I don't know if it is the fact that the Republicans are too conservative that people don't want to identify with them. I think it's the fact that they are a political party and people feel uneasy about joining that messy band wagon.

There must be something about the Republican party that people don't like (although they do vote for Republicans so it's not the ideology). Maybe because it's not cool to be a Republican or dirty politics -- what percentage of people identify themselves with Democrats vs. Republicans? is it really a Republican problem or do people just not like to identify themselves with parties?

The tea partiers are just about fiscal responsibility and a lot of Republicans are campaigning and winning on that premise. I don't see them as being crazy. They protested against the Health care bill not because they don't want people to have health care but because of what it's going to do to our deficit and the fact we will eventually have to raise taxes. The dislike of taxes and government control is a long standing issue in the US so it's not really a surprise. See MA's new senator and Conservative win in Britain, and VA governor for examples of conservatives winning over fiscal issues. They need to stick to their roots!

Polly Blevins said...

I do watch Fox news. Alot. I don't always agree but they come closer to my views than CNN. I honestly don't know what news station is not politically biased therefore, I stick with Fox. As an avid viewer, I can say that the night shows do show that many people are not sticking with republican or democrat. Many people are now deciding to be independent. The problem is, most people realize that you can't really expect an independent to win and therefor, have to choose a party that they are not happy with. The Tea Parties are great. I think it helps people who don't know how to be involved but desperately want to do it. I don't know how effective they are but at least people are getting out and being heard. Otherwise, many of these people wouldn't do anything but sit in their homes angry. I don't want the gov. to run everything. I agree we need something done with the health care issue but many people weren't comfortable with how it was ramrodded and pushed through. Something with that much money involved needs to get all the kinks worked out, at least the best as possible. I do think the majority of America have similar ideologies and want the same kind of outcome but feel like they are not being heard and that the politicians are doing their own thing instead of representing the people. I have really only followed any of politics since the campainging so this thought has probably been around for many elections but ALOT has happened since our president has been in and people are scared. They are scared about all the money being spent, they are scared that there are too many radicals in office. Etc.

Scott and Claudia said...

Good commentary sis. Had to chuckle about some of the responses. I'm certainly not afraid of the current radicals in office. Heaven help us if Palin and her Tea Party cronies ever take the helm. That's when I'll fear the federal government. What were your stats about tea partiers? You need to print them. They are so true and need to be out there for everyone to read on your blog.

I have no problem with the Republican party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush, but the party of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush scare me a great deal. Frankly, I think they scare Abe, Teddy, Ike, Jerry and George I!

Be sure to print those stats on the Tea Partiers for all to see!

Missin you already...Pa

Scott and Claudia said...

I am anti-abortion. Does that mean I am Republican? I am also anti the rich getting richer. Does that mean I am a Democrat? The year Obama ran for President I dressed as a Democrat for Halloween. I gave out 'government handouts' to all of my fellow workers, who by the way were Republicans. All but one accepted the handout. Smart woman, whom I had to admire. Republicans complain about the 'free' programs the Democrats pursue, but the Republicans all have their hand out waiting for the 'free' programs. That annoys me. Politics in general annoy me or perhaps I should say politicians in general annoy me. I personally believe they are all in it for their own power, money, and glory. What's a person to do? Remain honest and true to ones own heart because in the end that is who I will have to account for. Accept others differences and opinions, even though I may not agree with them. They are certainly entitled to theirs as much as I am to mine. As for the raising of would not have to be done if they handled the money wisely. I suppose it is a good thing we are not totally aware of all the greed and corruption that goes on in the world of politics. I see enough of it on the local level to cause me grief. As for the tea party. It always makes me nervous when one gets too far to the left or right. Radical liberal, radical conservative what is the difference? All I can say is I am very grateful for my religion. I am fully aware of who is really in charge here and I can tell you it is not Bush, Obama, or Palin. I think I will put my trust in Him and look forward to the day when His government is in full force! Thanks for letting me get a few things off my chest. Mom

Tiff + Albert said...

Why is everyone so afraid of Sarah Palin? I don't get it. I met the woman. She is not scary, I promise.

I think that the Tea Party is particularly appealing because it's grass roots. People don't like the Republican party because it's not pure (sorry I don't have a better word for it). They are a bunch of guys who will say whatever they need to (this applies to all parties). I went to the rally up on the Hill and all I saw was a lot of older/ middle aged people like I'd see in my parents' ward in WY. I think if sceptics went to the rallies and talked to the people there, they wouldn't think so poorly of them, which is the case for most groups. People aren't as scarey as tv would like to make them out to be (goes for both sides).

Scott and Claudia said...

It is not Sarah Palin I am afraid of , but rather it is her lack of intellect that frightens me. Sorry I did watch her on Katie Couric when she was running for VP, which, by the way, I think everyone can figure out why John McCain chose her....beautiful female first VP versus first Caucasian/Black mix President. Anyway, when she speaks I am not impressed with her knowledge, skills, or command of the english language. She does not come across very professional, which is probably why she appeals to the grass roots movement. But like I said before I am really not impressed with politicians in general, too many in it for me, me, me and not enough in it for the people. Claudia

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