Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

I always get cool things from work. This last week I got free Nationals (DCs baseball team) tickets. They were the best seats I've ever had at a Major League game . . . or any professional sporting event for that matter.

I was so excited to go. But ironically Ben wasn't. He really is just not a sports dude. Play them, sure . . . care about them, no way. He's a trooper though and he came along. I loved it. I love the loud speakers, the country songs, the thousands of people, the smell of food in the summer breeze. So perfect!

Well, when we got home little baby bullet was kicking good and hard. Ben was finally able to feel it from the outside. He was hesitant to try because he's been disappointed before. Not this time! Our little guy sure knows how to give good gifts.

I definitely feel like I'm showing, but they just announced it at work during this last faculty meeting and I was surprised by how many people were surprised. I wasn't keeping it from anyone, I just didn't bother telling the whole world. Well, I told my students about a month ago and I guess I figured that was telling the whole world.

Pregnancy is great. People always ask "how are you feeling?" And I wonder why they are asking me that. Then I remember why they'd suddenly be interested in my "health." Things really have been going so well, hope that doesn't mean labor has to be a terror.


Scott and Claudia said...

I feel for Ben. Going to a baseball game is not exactly my cup of tea; however, going to a baseball game with my Lizzie would be great! I'm glad you enjoyed it and above all, I'm glad Reid gave you a little excitement when you got home. We'll see you in a month!!!! Yeah!!!

Utah Youngs said...

that's so exciting that he got to feel the baby move! i think the daddy-to-be always feels a little left out until that moment! just remember to have the epidural within arms reach and labor will be a breeze :)

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