Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Michelle and Oleyvia

This post has been a long time coming. I uploaded these pictures over a month ago, but could never find the words.I love these five little kids more than any children I've ever known. Between nieces/nephews and students there is a lot of competition. They win with ease.

It didn't start out that way of course. You see, my motives as a missionary began conflicted. I was bothered by the notion of spending too much of my missionary time working with in-active members. I was haunted by the thought that I might have been placed somewhere "for my companion" and not for the work. All these things they'd "warned" you about in the MTC -- they weren't the reason I'd come on a mission, I'd come to share the gospel. Not to waste time building up other missionaries or members who had only been committed to the missionaries who taught them.

I came on a mission to share the gospel. Ironically, I believed that the finest way to share the gospel was to share Christ's love with others. You can see how my thoughts and my intents were caught in cross fire.

Suin and her children taught me more about sharing the love of Christ with others than I could have ever imagined. I would do anything to assure these little souls are happy in the after life. Because of mercy, I know they will be.

I had so many amazing experiences with this family; I postponed writing anything because I just can't bring myself to share any of them. Thus, all the jumble above.
Suffice it to say I know His suffering was real. I know He atoned for each of us individually. And I know His love is greater than any emotion we could ever feel.

That's what I learned while we taught Michelle and Oleyvia the gospel, in the home that Suin built in a swamp, out of jungle scraps, with hands of LOVE.
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