Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh Summer

This is the shortest summer break I've ever had, but that doesn't mean I'm not soaking it all up.

I've read some great books. The Globalization Gap was my intellectual read. By nature of our studies, Ben and I have quite a collection of books. In marrying me, he inherited all sorts of great literature; and I, a library full of political courses. I recently finished the classic A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, I recommend this to anyone. It's such a wonderful story, and you are guaranteed to find parts of yourself in Francie's poverty stricken, 1900 Brooklyn childhood. The writing is beautiful and the story magical. Now I'm onto First They Killed My Father. It feels like reading Animal Farm, but with real people and what I'd imagine will be a much more tragic ending. Communism is crazy! I love having read The Globalization Gap and then following it up with some Communist horror. I've decided Communism is just like Capitalism, but the people in charge are uneducated and vengeful (the results of Capitalism). So what's worse, having someone control you because they are greedy or because they want revenge? On the surface, revenge. But The Globalization Gap definitely has me convinced the damaging effects of the ruling greed are just as terrible as the vengeful. Maybe just not as obviously brutal.

If you want a full review of my reads go to my booklist blog. Oh, I forgot, I also read The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. Not recommending that to anyone. It wasn't bad, just not worth it when you think about all the wonders (A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN) out there.


in love said...

I don't know, I think Communism might be scarier because you can't trust anyone, not even your family and friends and people just disappear all the time and end up as political prisoners somewhere, if they're still alive. Of course this happens under dictatorships in general, which Communist countries generally are - how else are you going to get everyone to give up everything they own to the government if not by force?

Plus millions of people have died of famine because of political reasons(eg China, USSR, Cuba, N. Korea). Despite saying they are all for the workers, they are really just for themselves and making sure they stay in power no matter what. They manipulate the lower class into getting them into power promising them the world and then taking it to build up their power.

Capitalism isn't ideal either as the haves take advantage of the have-nots the same as the Communists, but at least you can see it coming.

Polly Blevins said...

You just shouldn't follow blindly! That is all there is to it. Too many people follow blindly and then you end up with communism etc and then the people who try to stand up for themselves suffer even more. I guess power is addicting.

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