Monday, September 27, 2010


You know how some post ideas just never leave?  Well, this one first surfaced in Christmas 2008 ... long time coming!

First, let it be said that I HATE house cats (any house animals really -- ugh -- the hair)!  My mom always always had a house cat while I was growing up, and I never hesitated to let her know (in my best teenage sass) how much I hated it.

So is it weird that after 9 years away from home I absolutely LOVE the cat she has now?

Follow the link to my mom's blog (yes, she did my year-and-a-half-in-the-making-post for me) and find out why Molly stole my heart.

Doesn't she deserve a book named after her?

1 comment:

Scott and Claudia said...

She certainly does and what should we title it? "Pawless, Clawless, but far from Heartless", "Miss Molly", "Survivor", ....She is a sweetie this little girl, well, this chubby girl. I think I am switching to the lean cuisine! Can't wait to see you! MOM

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