Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Days 3 & 4

The other thing I liked about this "tag" is that Al would just shmush together days when she fell behind. I'm totally taking to that habit.
Day 3- a picture of you and your friends
This is the one that held me up for so long.  I just don't have a picture on my computer that does justice to my circle of friends.  So I wanted to put up these two pictures (that I only have in real picture format).  Finally took out the cam today and did the shoot.

Yes, I have pictures of me and my best friends on my nightstand, like I'm 13 or something.  I'm going to blame it on the fact that I had no sisters growing up, so I've always had a strong need for female friendships, and you can't beat these ones!  I had to go all the way to Logan, UT and be an Aggie to realize how much I love one more Detanite.  Detlans are the best!  Can I get a "woo woo?"

Day 4- a habit that you wish you didn’t have
I am a hangnail picker.  I could pick at my poor thumbs all day long.  They are pretty much raw.  I had awesome roommates my Jr year that helped me kick the habit (Mavala Stop and regular smacking), but I picked it back up on the mission and haven't been able to drop it again.  It's an anxiety thing.  I pick when I'm anxious or nervous, then I rub the rough skin on my lips to calm me down.  Gross, I know.

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Laura said...

I am sure you have heard that Max is also a "finger picker". Drives me nutty to see his little fingers all red and sore :(

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