Monday, November 1, 2010


My dad use to call me his little feminist.  I loved it, girls can do anything guys can do!  And trust me, I tried it ALL.

Then I went to college, studied literature, and really figured out "feminism."  And I hated it.  Ugh . . . feminists and feminist literature bugged me to the max.

But I LOVE the movie Mona Lisa Smile.  I think the writing in that movie is the best take on feminism ever!  Leave your husband if he's a bum.  Star in a career if you desire.  Marry, have kids, and stay at home if that's your dream.  Do all three if that's what you need to find happiness.

Feminism shouldn't be about "equality" it should be about happiness.  How do the voices of feminism not see that?

That's really all I have to say.  My brain is pretty fried.  But I wanted to get this thought "out there."  If you've seen the movie, or have any strong thoughts on feminism . . . leave a comment!  Maybe you'll help me connect my own thoughts. 

I think I'll be watching lots of movies in the coming month . . . so expect more random posts like this.


Shilo said...

Yes, yes, yes...I agree completely. It should be about finding happiness and being able to do whatever we want. It shouldn't have been something that pushed women outside the home...unless that's what they really wanted. It's amazing how Satan is able to twist good things to bring about his evil plans. Yet, it's also amazing how somehow, the good still happens for those who are striving to keep good in their lives. Not sure I said what I wanted to...but maybe! I love your blog. And your little guy is just so handsome! Hope you are dong well, recover quickly and enjoy every minute with him! They grow WAY TOO fast!

Polly Blevins said...

I agree with you...only, I don't call it feminism. It goes with both men and women. Feminists are usually trying to prove something not just be happy. It's not so much about doing something, it is doing it better than a man. Everyone should feel the right to accomplish their dreams. I don't feel like a women CEO of a fortune 500 business is any better than the housewife who loves her job. It is all about your goals and what makes you happy. At the same time, I don't feel like the woman CEO is better than the man CEO either. She has probably had to work harder to get there but that doesn't mean she is better than the man. There is a reason so many people hate women bosses. It is not always the inferior thing, it is the woman feeling self righteous. People should all treat other like they want to be treated and go for their dreams. Okay, I am off my soap box.

Tiff said...

Yeah, I was always a feminist until college too. They made me feel like because I wasn't going to be a mechanical engineer I was hurting the cause.

Men and women are different and both should be able to pursue their bliss according to the dictates of their own hearts. Women do themselves a disservice by saying the traditonal women's roles are less than the men's roles...they totally bought into what men have been saying all along.

One teacher I had said that it started when men started getting money for their work, then people got the impression that you had to work for money for your work to be of worth.

Christianity is all about women's rights. I love that Jesus broke all sorts of barriers by treating women equal to men and I believe that Heavenly Father was totally behind opening doors for women in the 20th century.

Wowza! I could talk about this all day.

Scott and Claudia said...

I have already told you who he looks like. Why do you need a baby pic of Ben. Reid looks like his daddy! I know you went through all the labor and work so he should have a little bit of you in him, but Grandma B think he looks like Ben for now. Missing you 3! XOXOXO Mom

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