Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Month 1 Monster Update

 At home we do refer to him as "Reid" or other endearing baby terms, but when I post about his "sats" the word Monster does feel more appropriate.

The nurse who played with Reid while the Dr took a call asked if he was 4 months old.  Nope, just four weeks.

He weighs 12.11 lbs and is 24 1/2 inches long.  That would be a four month old in other families . . . but not a Bassett/Szilagyi mix.  He's got big genes coming at him from both sides. 

Football player is another common word we hear while he's being checked up.

We are adjusting to parenthood nicely.  I quit freaking out when he screams . . . no matter how purple he turns he lives through it.  Whenever I get a chance to leave the house I come home to Ben asleep on the couch, with Reid on his belly.  I love it.  Though that was on the "freak out" list during his first couple weeks of life.  I was sure Ben would wake up and toss him, or Reid would somehow roll over and get lost in the cusions.

Speaking of rolling over.  He's done it four and a half times now.  Seriously blows my mind.  I think that deserves a "growing up too fast" whine.  But really, he's not.  He's growing just perfectly for our little family.  Sure mom wishes he weighed a little less each time she lifts him out of his crib . . . but dad enjoys playing with him more as he increases responsiveness . . . so that's just right for Reid.

I think his biggest "first month of life accomplishment" is that he survived through four days of just me.  Ben was in Wisconsin Sat - Tue and Reid and I are both still alive.  Pretty amazing.  Turns out, babies are like horses -- they do smell fear.  He was definitely his crankiest when I had to give a sink bath all alone.  Yikes!

We sure are glad Dad is home.


Riki Lee said...

HATE the sink baths! To this day, I hate giving my daughter baths because of them. But I decided to just never do it with our newest and now I don't mind giving him baths. And you're right, those stats were my son at 4 months! Haha. Can't wait to see more pics.

Casie said...

My Jaren and your "little" Reid are giving each other a run for their money on the weight. J was always weighing bit, but he's a shorty. haha. I love the photo shoot in an above post in those adorable brown plaid overalls! He is seriously so cute, Liz! Congrats to you all on surviving your first real 'alone' adventure. I know how that goes...and they are scary.

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