Friday, December 17, 2010

RIP Ms Szilagyi

I feel so sentimental about my career lately.  Maybe it's because my old DCPS school is splattered all over the news.  Or perhaps it's that my current students did an excellent job of helping me cope with the 800 miles between me and my baby (which may or may not be explained in a later post).  Most likely it's the realization that I am about to bury one of my fondest identities.  Ms Szilagyi will die out just as Sister Bassett has. 

Here is a short sampling of my "final breathe" thoughts.

The turmoil at Dunbar breaks my heart.   Just a quick glimpse of how one teacher would describe the experiences I had while I taught there.  I'm just SO SO SO thankful I had a Father and Husband and Therapist and Psychiatrist who all helped me make the brave decision to go back after I had my own break down.  I truly think the teacher spotlighted in that article will regret her decision for life.  It was one CRAZY job, but I could have never taken that out on the kids.  The students already feel like no one cares about them, and one more abandonment just progresses the problems.

On the bright side, the city has FINALLY decided to do something about the horrendous building.  I'll never forget when bright eyed, brilliant Demetrius shouted at me "look at this place, I walk in here every morning knowing no one gives a **** about me."  I had no retort, cause I knew he was right.  I pray the $100 million drop into the new building will truly turn around a neighborhood plagued with drive-bys.

I have been so blessed to have Deal in my life.  It truly is a dream school.  I went back to work today.  Why?  Because the business manager was kind enough to tell me I'd make an entire pay check (holiday pay) for just 8 hours on payroll (the day before holiday break). Basically I earned $1,000 attending an amazing assembly put on by my very own students.  To close out the program, the whole school sang "We've got the whole world at Alice Deal."  As I read the lyrics I just thought about how astounding it is that I have taught students from Asia, Africa, Europe, The Middle East, Latin America, and North American (sometimes all in one class).  Then in the afternoon I earned another $1,000 playing in a staff Volleyball game.  I've never played any sport in a gym so loud.  The kids were loving it.  Again, Deal has been such a blessing.

I can't believe I only have one more week (after the New Year) to teach my little heart out.  I wonder what they'll put on my headstone.


Scott and Claudia said...

Loved your blog sis. Made my eyes tear up, but then you know old melancholy sentimental me! You have had a wonderful career these past three and a half years. I am very grateful to Washington D.C. Public Schools for the good, bad and ugly. You certainly have had it all. Just think how it has prepared you for life in general and your future teaching experiences.
I am so excited for you, Ben and Reid as you embark on a new life in Oshkosh. I know you will love it and make the very most of it. Let us know when that one week in July arrives that you don't have 12 feet of snow and we'll schedule a flight in.
Love, Pa

Jodi said...

I had fun catching up on your blog a little bit. Your baby is just adorable, and I always secretly wish that I could have had some part in the Aggie experience :). I hear it is pretty awesome! Good luck with your move, and I believe that you will inspire no matter where you go! You are awesome!

Scott and Claudia said...

Ms Szilagyi will never truly 'die out'. She will live in the hearts of you and your students! Memories are such a most wonderful gift. Now it is time for Ms. Szilagyi to step aside. Why...because here comes 'mom'! Have a great day sis. I love ya. Mom

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