Sunday, May 26, 2013

Letters to Myself

Though I'm not perfect at abiding by the following rule, I generally believe you shouldn't give advice unless specifically asked to do so.

But more and more I find myself wanting to write "advice column" style posts. Topics like: transitioning from one kid to two, how to buy groceries on a budget, etc. etc. Maybe I have this desire because I read so many blog posts like them, via pinterest? Maybe I want to write them because I'm a know it all who thinks my way is perfect? Maybe ... well, who knows. But I want to write them (and have actually started about a dozen), and just keep putting off posting them because I feel too ... uncomfortable ... insecure ... unnatural ... ??? ... in sharing them.

But today I've decided I will write them as letters to myself. In the grand scheme of things (I hope) I am still pretty young. I still have a big chunk of life a head of me. And the truth is, there is a lot I can learn from myself.

The last couple of nights before I left on an LDS mission I stayed up until 2 and 3 am writing down all the most valuable teacher education principles I'd learned up until that point in my university studies. I knew I'd be coming home to just two more semesters before being thrown into the classroom, and I didn't want to forget all the important things I'd been taught prior to my missionary service.

I'm probably going to have one more kid, I'm probably going to go back to work (and become a frazzled working mom who needs some homemaking tips from my old stay at home mom-self), I'm probably going to do lots of my life adventures over again, but at different stages of life. And I'd like to remember the things I've learned from my experiences thus far.

So, as a slew of new advice style posts flood this blog, I want you to know I really am just talking to myself. They are unstructured letters to myself. If they happen to benefit anyone else along the way, great. If they happen to upset anyone along the way, well ... that was never their intent. So enjoy or ignore, either one is fine by me.

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Megan said...

YES! Thank you! I would love to read your advice posts. I am always wondering what is working and not working for moms who are just a little bit ahead of me in the whole raising kids thing. My mom hasn't had a baby in 13 years so she doesn't remember exactly how much any of us slept and stuff like that and whenever I look for this stuff on the internet there are so many crazy things posted that I can't rely on anything. So yes, I am very very excited you will be writing these letters to yourself. I look forward to hearing what you've learned along the way.

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