Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Where'd My Jesus Go?

I've had big plans for Reid's bedroom. Big, I tell ya. Yellow dresser and bed, grey/blue walls, black frames with religious artwork, mounted wall bookshelves, adorable do-it-yourself canvases with family photos and lyrical artwork, and a hint of "farm" throughout.

Well, Ben did the yellow furniture for me, but his walls are still brown. I have put up a framed Salt Lake temple photo (fabulous going home gift from my mission President and wife). But there may still be a picture of the photo model in one part of a three panel frame. Tonight, he lovingly referred to this stranger as "daddy."

This afternoon I finally received a photo of Christ's baptism in the mail. I had to pay the post office $9.00 to retrieve it since I mistakenly had the LDS distribution center send it to my old apartment. Bleh, the cost of simple yet stupid mistakes.

Anyway ... I put the picture in its destined frame. We rearranged a few things right before bedtime and had all his religious themed frames in their proper places, but we hadn't secured the picture of Christ's baptism as well as we should, so before our final bedtime story I took the picture down. We read our book (actually, I was doing the frame rearranging while Ben read the kids their book), said our prayers, and then kissed each other good night. As Reid rolled over in bed to get comfy he glanced at his wall and immediately panicked "Where'd my Jesus go?"

The sweetness and worry in his voice was enough to melt my heart. His Jesus had only been on the wall a total of 4 minutes (at which point he could/should have been distracted by his bedtime story), and yet he acted as though he was missing something that had been there forever. Something that comforted him and made him feel safe through a good night's sleep.

We reassured him we'd put Jesus back up (permanently) tomorrow night and gave him one last kiss before closing his door. For the last few hours I've just kept hearing that tender voice over and over. "Where'd my Jesus go?" I pray he remains as anxious as he was tonight, to keep Jesus in his life forever.

And I also pray I find the motivation to finish decorating his room as planned. Then onto mine and Nell's!

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