Saturday, January 15, 2011

We made it

The last post was misleading.  I don't really have any road trip tips up my sleeve.  Though I will say . . . I love my mother-in-law's "road trip sandwiches" recipe, and a tub of trail mix is a must (mmmm, Archer Farms).  If only I could train Ben's bladder to hold out for more than 90 miles, I'd love America's long stretch of highways.

We really like Oshkosh so far.  We'll like it much better once our stuff arrives.  Though we've made our money back on our air mattress, it's not my top pick for a bed -- or couch -- or dinning room table.  I'm also sure we'll LOVE (not just like) Oshkosh once the Spring/Summer/Fall months arrive.  Yup, for those four months of the year I'm sure this place is gorgeous!

Actually, the snow isn't so bad.  There's less here now then back when we visited in December, so obviously it melts away even in the dead of winter.  I'd definitely say it's no worse than a Logan, UT winter, but give me a few more months to make sure that statement is accurate.

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