Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hi Grandma

You should reactivate your facebook account; my mom puts more pictures of me up there. 
 The snow is finally starting to melt, so mom and I went on a walk today.  She bought doughnuts.
I can't wait to see you again, but watch out . . . I might be on the move by then!

Love, Reid.


Scott and Claudia said...

I noticed you didn't say "Hi Grandpa" but I suppose I can comment too! What a cute little grandbaby we have! I love those pictures. I've got to print them off for my office!
Can't wait to hold and snuggle my little Reidy Beady!
Love, Grandpa B

Scott and Claudia said...

Hi Reid!

What a handsome little guy you are! Grandma can hardly wait to hug and kiss on you. Oh Yuk, you say?! Come visit me and I will let you play with my oatmeal!


Lauren Szilagyi said...

Reid! Aunt Lauren can't wait to see you in 2 weeks!

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