Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I feel like

I need to update.  But what do you want to know?

That we had a week of Spring?  It was fabulous.  Monday Reid and I watched two chipmunks, a cute little rabbit, a huge blue jay, a cardinal, some junkos, a couple of robins and the occasional squirrel all flurry in activity out his nursery window while we rocked ourselves into a good nap.  It was lovely.  We strolled down to the corner gas station and I bought a Snickers ice cream brownie sandwich.  Yum

Or do you want to hear about the hail/rain/snow/wind/thunder & lightning/sleet/freezing-rain/snow storm we've had the past 24hours?  Winter is back on.

Or perhaps you'd like to know I signed the recall petition for Randy Hopper?  All 16 Wisconsin Senators eligible for recall have official organizations heading out the efforts.  Results in May will be interesting to say the least.  The Dems are being recalled for running away and "going on vacation" (the air quotes are cause anyone who really understands the situation knows they weren't on vacation, but rather they created the country's greatest filibuster and I'm sickened that pundits try to convince people otherwise *eye-roll* politics).  The Republicans are being recalled for taking a huge dump on democracy and deciding they could refuse a compromise, write new laws, and then vote on them without hearing a single word from their ELECTED democratic co-workers.

Did you know the Republicans locked the Democrats out?  They had the majority vote needed, but still; they went in the chambers and locked the doors.  Really makes me wonder what kinds of conversations were going on if they felt the need to ensure no one heard them.

To set the record straight, they complain and complain about the Dems leaving town, and then once they show back up for work they physically lock them out.  Two democratic senators had to crawl in a first floor window just to get inside the capital building.  Of course once inside, the Republicans wouldn't let them come in the chambers and voice their thoughts on the whole matter.  Word is a substantial group of Democrat legislatures stood at the door and pounded for over an hour asking to be let in and yelling "this isn't democracy and you know it!" Yeah . . . that's why I can legitimately say the Republicans of Wisconsin pulled down their pants and pooped on my voting rights.  What kind of babies lock their ELECTED co-workers out of the room while taking a vote that changes state laws?  It's scary really.  Really scary.

It's also important that people understand how all this finally passed.  Remember how the effort to take away public union worker's rights and 8% of their salary was called the "Budget Repair Bill?"  Well, before they could strip the worker's of those rights and that money they had to take out all the SPENDING aspects of the new bill.  So yes, the so called "Budget Repair Bill" had huge chunks of INCREASED government spending swimming around in it. Do people really believe Republicans don't spend tax payer money?  The whole maneuver is really disgusting if you think about it.  Absolutely disgusting.

A sign of hope though is that several Republican Legislatures did vote against it.  The one Republican Senator who voted no simply stated "This is not what the people who put me in office wanted for our State."

Alright, who is surprised that when I write a post with no purpose it all ends up political?  Well, the one good thing that has come out of all this Wisconsin non-sense is that I see an even stronger need for bi-partisanship.  And I decided to make it start with me. I've been reading top CONSERVATIVE economist studies'.  I took a couple days to look over Mitch Daniels CPAC talk and I researched his work in Indiana.  All in all, I see a lot of good in the Republican party.  I just think that as Daniels said "they need people who tune out Glenn." Amen Mitch, Amen!  He also stated (several times) they need to stop finding ways to help the wealthy accumulate more, and start helping those on the bottom rung of life's latter find a way up.  Ben thinks that whole bit was all just lip service.  But if you're standing in front of a very conservative group of people, that's not the kind of lip service you offer.  Too bad analysts say he's too "ugly" to be the GOP candidate.  I actually think he might be a good guy.


Scott and Claudia said...

I don't know who wins the worst politically governed state, yours or mine!! Either way they all deserve the idiot of the year award. Mom

Utah Youngs said...

ditto :)

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