Thursday, June 2, 2011


My last post now seems a little ironic.  I just got on facebook and one of my old MTC Elders posted a "Happy Anniversary" greeting on the Singapore Mission page.  It's been seven years since the 8 of us started our great adventure.

Seven years.
This was shot day.  I was terrified.  You'll notice Elder Leishman and I each got two shots, apparently the Cache Valley area was missing something on our little check list.  After earning some special treatment so that I wouldn't pass out, Elder MacFarlane and Elder Hafen hunted down an "I was brave today" sticker and made sure I wore it all day long.  It's still in my journal.  Makes me smile every time.  Oh, the MTC.  In case you counted and noticed there are 10, not 8, the two Elders up front went to Hawaii.  We were the zone everyone loved to hate.  We spent all our time with other English Speaking missionaries, but were going to Hawaii, South Africa, and Singapore . . . not Missouri, Utah, and Wisconsin.  

Sometimes the memories are so fresh it seems like only a couple of years have gone by.  Moments like last night, where I was suppose to teach some of the youth a little Malay, make it all feel like ages ago.

Words will never adequately describe the love and gratitude I have for the wonderful missionary experiences my Father gave me.  They make me a stronger mother and a more patient spouse (which could still use a lot of work).  My understanding of the atonement is much deeper, and not because of the hours of study.  Being set apart by the Power of God to rescue His Sheep offers a special glimpse into the work of saving souls.  I will never fully grasp the complexity of what Christ suffered for us, nor the love He has for each of God's Children.  But I am so thankful that for 18 short months I was able to feel and witness the atonement taking shape in people's lives.  I truly felt Him put His love in my heart.  And I knew I was to share it.  That is amazing.

Remember back when I shared the conversion stories I witnessed?  Well, I have about three more written out, but I scanned the pictures in all wrong.  Maybe this summer I'll fix that and continue sharing their stories.  Missionary work is one of the most beautiful things on Earth.

Seven years ago today changed my life in enormous ways.  

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