Sunday, June 12, 2011

I love my calling

I'm not going to lie, having a baby to take care of and a class full of rowdy CTR's can make going to Church feel like a  . . . drag? . . . chore? . . . I'm not really sure the word . . . but I know I'd just love to go to a meeting and not actually do anything.  You know, the days when you just went to classes prepared by other people and felt the Spirit -- instead of the stress.

Oh well, I guess that's what General and Stake Conferences are for.  I fully accept that escorting a squirming, screaming Reid out into the hall is my life now.  And bribing 5 rowdy boys with a game of Simon Says is the best trick up my old rusty "teacher" sleeve.

But I do love my calling.  Kids are just so pure.  They understand the Gospel so plainly and simply.

When I showed my class a picture of Christ in Gethsemane, I asked who could tell me what was happening.  One child humbly responded.  "That was when Christ prayed to Heavenly Father to take all our sins away, and give them to him."  Most the time the atonement feels so complex, but out of this child's mouth it was so simple.  Absolutely beautiful.

In a desire to deepen their Gospel knowledge, I asked, "Will He just take them from us?"  To which I heard a resounded "No, we have to repent!"  and an echoed "And be baptized!"

My CTRs do stress me out.  They are totally unpredictable, one week a group of 6 angels, the next a group of 4 duds and 2 devils (they are polite enough to each take their turns playing dud or devil).  I never know which I'm going to get while I prepare our lesson.  Or how many might show up.  But I do always know I'll have little to teach them.  I hold up a picture and they tell me the story, teach me the whole lesson with details I've forgotten ("Abinadi told King Noah he'd die the same way, and he did!").  This gives us plenty of time to act out the different scripture stories, or memorize articles of faith or learn new songs (or run outside and play Simon Says).

They are such a blessing to me.  They show me that I can help Reid understand Christ's sacrifices.

He did pray to Heavenly Father, to take away our sins, that He may suffer them in our place.  All we have to do is partake.  What a beautiful thing.  


Scott and Claudia said...

Thanks for that beautiful post. Mom

Scott and Claudia said...

Loved your post sis. Very inspirational. Pa

Jodi said...

Awesome. I love Primary too. It is amazing how children are completely an open book. That is when I believe you can be taught the most, when you are open. That is why I think they are able to teach us so much! Thanks for your post!

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