Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wedding Bells

I'm grouping together a big chunk of the questions for today's post, but they all have to do with the wedding.  For your benefit, I'm going to challenge myself to not use (too many) words, just pictures.  Big step for me, I know.  So here we go... (by the by, I have no idea where these questions were originally made up, I just stole them after Ali did them)...

6.  The colors:  show some of the flowers and colors used.
7.  The dress: was it what you always imagined, made just for you?
8.  The little accessories:  veil, shoes, jewelry
9.  The reception:  where was it at, show some pictures
10.  The cake/food: tell me about it!
11.  Favorite part of the day and least favorite part of the day, can be anything.

 Bouquet:  "Do whatever you want" florist!  Here's my budget; PINK and PURPLE are my colors.

 Jewelry and dress details
 Details from the top half of my dress (and loveliest Granny present, miss her dearly).

 Full scope of dress
What I always imagined?  Never imagined what I wanted . . .
Made just for me?  If you count paying extra for 2 bonus inches and speedy delivery, YES! 

 Little accessories:  Brothers' tie (bonus: adorable baby).
More accessories:  Shoes and tiara, no veil (jewelry showcased in dress photos).

 The Reception: held @ Sutherland farm, gorgeous sunset always included. I heart my childhood.
 One more full scope of dress, plus cake...
Cake details
FRESH flowers on top of the CAKE.

 Groom with the wedding food, brides favorite: BRUNCH!
Reception food (not pictured):  Key Lime Cheesecake (or was it pie?) and Andes mints.

Favorite part of the day?  So hard . . . narrowed down to feelings of LOVE.  Love I felt from friends who went far out of their way to support me.  
Everyone from old High School pals -- 

-- to college buddies --
 -- to greatest "sister" ever.  

Love felt from family . . .
. . . the ones who cried the whole time and the ones who didn't!

Love felt from the man who accepted me despite all my flaws!
(Okay, so I loaded this picture originally thinking I'd use it for the bouquet shot -- it's not our best wedding portrait, but trying to use so little words actually took more time than I thought, so I'm not going back and loading up another photo).

To reward myself (for cutting narration) I'll end with this shhpill.  Today I have been thinking about how grateful I am Ben kept himself pure, just for me.  A girl he'd never even met.  Just one he had faith would show up. That's pretty amazing, and when I speak of the love I felt from him, that's what I mean.  I'm referring to the love he so willingly gave me before we even met.  I'm not sure that makes sense, but I think anyone who dreamed of (and prepared for) a happy marriage knows what I mean.  

PS  Two thoughts after editing:  1. least favorite part? don't have one, no girl should.  2. A BIG thanks to Mel, without her I wouldn't have these reception pictures, which I so deeply treasure.  Who would have thought snapping your tiara on top of your shoes would come so up handy years later.  Great work Mel, you really are fabulous with a camera!  


Jodi said...

I love these posts! Nothing beats a beautiful west desert sunset. What an awesome pic! I will send you that recipe on facebook, and I am glad you like my playlist! Keeps me going during the day :).

Scott and Claudia said...

I loved the pictures Betty! I don't believe I have ever seen some of them. Thanks for sharing. The thing I remember most about your reception was the 35 mph winds from the south! Everyone's "do" got a redo!
Love, Pa

Dave and Marie said...

big :( who had to go and have a baby when you got married?

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