Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breaking the routine

The other day at Church, Ben showed me a quote from the LDS family resource site that said it is healthy for families to take a break from their routine.  It was a not so subtle hint.

I guess I'm kind of a routine nazi. I spent the first three months of Reid's existence trying to figure out a routine that would work well for Reid, and once I found it I've dug my nails in pretty deep. His routine just makes my life so much easier. He's happier, and I know what to expect.  It's a dream.

So imagine how pleased I was when a break in the routine turned out to be it's own pleasant dream. The advice from LDS family services is absolutely correct.  No surprise there.  Our extended weekend getaway to Cleveland, OH was the vacation time remedy we all needed.

Ben took work off early on Thursday so we could head down to Rockton, IL where his parents live. His sisters watched Reid for us and we were able to go out for burgers and a quick nature walk to celebrate our anniversary (eve). We sure enjoyed ourselves! These same fabulous ladies had already spent the week preparing car games and snacks for our journey. Early Friday morning we took off, and within an hour it was pretty obvious Ben was going to win the truck hunt game. It was also obvious I was going to gorge myself on trail mix.  Road trips.

It's about six hours from IL to Cleveland, and Reid was a PEACH!  He stuck to our routine pretty well.  We made silly faces at each other and played with some toys, until he was tired and fell asleep.  Then he'd wake up and we'd pull over at a rest stop for stretches, (adult) potty breaks, and his feeding.  I really was so impressed by how well he traveled.  There were short moments of boredom (ie fussy shrills) but he really was so easy.

I won't chronicle our whole trip, since we've been back for more than a week now and vacation hangover is gone.  But I will overload you with pictures. Enjoy!
Jazella is just two days older than Reid (really, only about 30 hours older). 
They were so cute to watch "play" together.  
Confession:  I absolutely love this picture
(maybe cause it's one of only a few where he doesn't have something (mostly his fingers) in his mouth). 
Before our trip I was thinking "Reid doesn't fall asleep in my arms anymore."  
It was kind of nice to "break" that routine.  And easier to fix than I feared. 

Pool Fun:
Ben deserved this, and played along nicely

The Szilagyi crew:
Lauren, Jessica, Jazella, Katie, Me, Ben, Reid, Carol, and Rick

America's Birthday Activities

(Picture of Parade with Mara goes here,

Patriotic attire
Firework show

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Scott and Claudia said...

How fun! I am so glad you have such great in-laws and that you live so close to them. Of course I'm jealous, but most appreciative of the Szilagyi clan. Bless you all.

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