Saturday, July 9, 2011

The End

Here's the last of the anniversary posts.  Questions 15 and 16 are meant to bring everything up to date.

15.  Kids: do you have any yet; if not, when do you plan on having them; how many do you want; tips on good/bad birth control?
16.  Most recent picture of you and your significant other and what you love most about them, and closing thoughts.
Oh how I love this baby boy!  

As I am sure most readers know, we had our little Reid last October. He was a much anticipated little dream. After four years of married life, we were ready for him! Actually, after a year and a half of married life we were ready for him, but I'll get to that later. I want four kids. I've always wanted "at least four, no more than seven." Now that I've delivered and begun raising one, four sounds like a good number to stop at. I'd consider adopting a fifth. Ben though, he sometimes jokes he doesn't want any (we can sell Reid to the circus). I think he just says this so I'll know what a sweet and selfless gift letting us get to "at least four" will be. I guess we'll get to three and "see" about the last one (or two). Who knows though, maybe Reid will be the only one, and maybe we really will sell him to the circus. 

Originally I cut out the last part of question 15. Who wants to know about birth control? But then I thought, I might as well take the chance to get on a soap box. Not so much about birth control (what do I care . . . use what suits you best), but about family planning (which in essence IS birth control). Up on my box: Don't be fooled by all the teenagers who get pregnant, getting pregnant is actually pretty hard. An NPR article I just read sited numbers according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It's ugly; more than 7 million women in the US have trouble getting (or staying) pregnant. And think of all the women who never even actually try, they obviously aren't represented in that number. Sure, I know some Fertile Myrtiles who seem to just think about getting pregnant and magically deliver a baby within the next 12 months. But the average "trying to get pregnant" timeline is 7 months. Most Drs won't even see you until you've tried for over a year. That said, my soap box is simply that getting pregnant rarely works how you plan it. Obviously, I know bringing life into the world works on a more important timeline: our Heavenly Father's. But for those couples reading this who think they may want a baby in the next year or two, I'd suggest start trying now, or at least stop not trying. It could easily take you a year of birth control free lovin' to even figure out you can't get pregnant, and then another year to figure out why, and another to find the solution. Sigh, exhaustion.

Okay, stepping down off the soap box. Onto a picture of Ben and I and what I love most about him (which feels like an impossible task right now).
Sadly, this is probably the best picture of the three of us.  
We don't have many to choose from. 
 I need to fix that, pronto. 

I love how compatible Ben and I are. We both have pretty unique humor. We are both pretty passionate about politics and world affairs. We love nature and would spend our whole lives visiting national parks if we could. We both enjoy reading. We both chose public interest careers. I love to learn, he's brilliant. I get easily flustered, he's calm and level headed. I love cooking new foods, he loves trying them (even when they're bad). I'm social and remember faces and names, he doesn't. I remember life events we've shared, he doesn't. Neither of us are super naturally athletic, but we both like to be active. He's helped me try new physical challenges and I've tried tirelessly to teach him the basics of ESPN primetime sports like Basketball and Baseball. All in all, I'd just say he really is my better half and I his. We both bring out each other's strengths and strengthen each other's weaknesses. So I guess that is what I love most about him.  Kind of broad, but a great catch all.

That is THE END folks. I'll say it again, I've really had fun answering these sixteen questions. It's healthy to occasionally just sit back and gush about your love life. Exercises your heart.        


Kelli said...

Liz, I've loved reading about your story. I've been working on the questions now too. It's been fun. Thanks for sharing!

Scott and Claudia said...

I love you both, and am so grateful you found each other. Soulmates.
Love, Pa

Scott and Claudia said...

Ben, not too worry about life events shared you do not remember...I do not remember life events Lizzy shared in our home either. She and Scott do tend to embellish!! But we love them both don't we. So happy you found one another! And, life at your house is a 3 ring circus so Reid fits right in!!!! Mom

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