Thursday, July 21, 2011


I'm always amazed by music's power to play with your emotions. I just caught an "I'm loving Wisconsin" vibe, and I really think it's because I have OneRepublic blaring in the background (really, it's right in my ear so maybe the frontground). OneRepublic kind of reminds me of training for triathlons, but lately it reminds me more of Cougar Town. So whenever I listen to it, I have to be happy. Oh ABC Wednesday night, I miss you.  Cougar Town is fabulous, despite the name (which it's creators have gladly started making fun of).

Anywho.  Let me share a little Wisconsin love with you all.

Earlier this week, the first recall election was held.  The Democrat won.  Oh wait, this wasn't going to be about politics.  Clears throat, it's hard to ignore that here in Wisconsin.  Like crazy hard. I feel like it's been election season since the week we moved in. One of many reasons to love the Badger State.

The Rails to Trails program is another reason.  The state turned old, unused railroad lines into nice bike, hike, and horse ride (and snowmobile during the winter) trails.  They are so gorgeous!  I for one won't complain that our state tax dollars paid for this program.  It employed people who needed jobs, and now we have wonderful (very low maintenance) trails at our disposal every Sunday afternoon.

 Can you find Mr Spider?
I'm constantly amazed by the amount of water in the area. The city is surrounded by three or four large lakes. Our neighborhood has a nice pond (nearly all neighborhoods do). And this natural pond is along one of our favorite rails to trails spots. Water supports so much wildlife. It's amazing to just walk along the edge of this pond and see all the birds, bugs, and plants.

It has been so hot here lately, but that just makes me love summer.  It really hadn't felt like summer until this heat wave clobbered us.

Okay, so I'm going to bombard you with more pictures from our latest walk on the trails.  But before I do so, I'll just share a couple more reasons I'm in a "love Wisconsin" mood right now (it's running dry tho, cause OneRepublic is over).

The people here are so friendly!  Really wonderful.

The ward members have been very sincere in their welcoming.  It's fun to get to know the different families.

I started "working" again. I may explain this a little more later.  It's not a real intense job.  Just a couple hours a week I can do at home.  But I love it.  I'm just the type of person who needs some sort of challenge like that to keep me going.  Motherhood is obviously a time consuming challenge all on it's own, but I've just always known that as much as I want to stay at home with my little ones, I'm the kind of person who needs a paid job (even a small one) to keep my motivation levels up. Which is weird, cause I could care less about the money. I don't really know how to explain it and I can feel myself beginning to talk in circles. So I'll just stop and say I'm so thankful for the opportunity, especially considering the woman I'm working for just approached me about the job. She's been so kind to tell me how good she felt about me from the moment we first met.

On to all the pictures. It may seem a little crazy I put up so many of (essentially) the same picture, but I know my parents still won't feel like it's enough.  The rest of you will just have to deal with it!

Care to pick a favorite?


Casie said...

I am the same way with photos. Just the slightest difference changes the entire picture,so I don't mind all the photos. And I'm the same way with the job thing to keep motivation up to get through the day and help me feel like an adult instead of "mommy" all the time. So I would love to hear what has fallen in your lap. I still haven't found anything I can just do from home. :/

Polly Blevins said...

Reid is so cute. He looks like such a happy baby. I love that there is so much water around here too. It is fun to live in different places/climates. I kind of feel the same way about working. I haven't had any paying stuff for about a year and honestly, I don't know if I could handle it but I am always thinking about when my kids are in school what I am going to do. In my dreams I am stressed out because I haven't had a job for so long (weird). I use to clean houses, then I watched and helped a handicapped man, then I watched some kids now...well, nothing.

Scott and Claudia said...

Cougar that life at B.Y.U? Been there done that!

I did find Ennsy Weensy hiding in the photo and... I LOVE all the photos of my baby boy!!! He is so flipping cute and happy. Can't wait to smooch his cute little face and neck!! MOM

Scott and Claudia said...

Can't wait for some real Reid time! The 13th is only 21 days away! Can't wait!!!
Love, Scottie P

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