Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Toy Basket

One night Ben came home and found a mess.  The laundry was folded and in the basket, but hadn't found it's way to Reid's drawers.  His toys were scattered all about.  And of course, the Prince himself was likely drooling all over the place.
 So Ben just gathered everything up and put it in the basket!
I love this picture.  It's like "hey wait, if all my toys are burying me, there aren't any left to put in my mouth!"
Saved by my favorite fingers!

I love my little bubby!  

1 comment:

Scott and Claudia said...

How adorable. Can't wait for your visit in a month. I'm missin' my Reid and his mama -- daddy too, but he isn't coming, unfortunately...
Love, Grandpa

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