Sunday, August 28, 2011

On the small town note

Tonight we had the Missionaries over. Naturally, one of them knows some Deltans.  His sister married an Manis.

After some thinking, I came up with . . . "Is that Jared Manis' family?"


"Okay, I know who they are. They lived over in Hinckley.  I played night games over there with them once.  It was a lot of fun."

At this point Ben butts in, "Yeah, and the craziest part was when she looked up and said 'Ooooh, street lights.'"

Without stopping a beat I look at him all bright eyed and shout.  "I know!  I really was so impressed!  It was kind of foreign to have bright lights up in the sky at night."

We both laughed so hard we almost cried.  The missionaries probably thought we were drunk.

Oh, I love my street-lightless childhood.  Night games in Hinckley was like exploring a whole new world! 

1 comment:

Scott and Claudia said...

Such a small world is it not? Especially in the church. Missing you in Delta. Mom

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