Monday, October 24, 2011

10 is, 10 loves, repeat

You may remember, when Reid hit 4 months I did a 10 is, 10 loves post. I've been meaning to do another ever since he hit 10 months.  Considering today is his big BIRTHday, I figured now is better than ever. Here goes:

Ten He is:
- a speed demon, on all fours. He has seriously mastered crawling.
- walking all over the place if you hold his hand (or elbow). He will practically run around the house so long as he has the tiniest bit of support, but once you let go of him he falls over (almost as if it is a default protection move).
- 25.8lbs (at his kidney appointment earlier this month anyway, I'll put in the more up to date info on Friday after his 1-year check up).
- 31 3/4 inches (again, I'll update on Friday)
- NOT a picky eater. He'll eat anything. This is a trait we parents love.
- all snuggles when he first wakes up (from naps or nighttime sleep).
- clapping happily whenever he hears the word "yay" (or after he opens the garage door, loves that button).
- a great sleeper. He may not get as many nightly hours as most kids his age, but he goes down without much fuss and usually takes two good naps during the day (sadly, I think he's ready to transition to one, sigh).
- babbling nonstop. Whether it is slurs, jumbled consonants, or shrieking shrills there's almost always a noise coming out of his mouth.  So far, I think yay, mama, and dada are the only ones he says knowing what they mean, and even those are questionable most times.  
- all giggles when dad is around. Ben wakes him up every morning and I just love listening to Reid giggle while his dad covers him in kisses and tickles.

Ten He Loves:
- the outdoors. Anything outside, anything. He throws a fit anytime we bring him in after playing outside (no matter how cold it is), and if he is crying hysterically (after a fall) we rush him outside and it stops immediately. When we are in his nursery he just wants to stand at his window and gaze outside.
- to dance.  He is our little dancing darling; he'll bounce his knees, shake his bum, and wiggle his head whenever the music is playing (or when a rhythmic book is read).
- reading books. His favorites seem to be lift the flap books. He also loves Brown Bear Brown Bear (or Polar or Panda Bear) before bedtime. When left alone with a basketful of toys, he'll often dig threw everything to find his library books, and then he'll sit quietly (amidst the mess of toys) and flip the pages back and forth.
- his two middle fingers.  If you've ever seen more than three pictures of him, you know what I mean.
- his best friend pup (the lovey he sleeps with, I don't know what we'd do with out that puppy doll).
- bath time. His naked bum waits eagerly at the edge of the tub each night while we fill it up.
- the kitchen. Per the advice of a nurse practitioner we left one kitchen cupboard unbabyproofed. Inside are all the items he can play with, and you can probably imagine how often he rummages through there.
- the washer. Dishes or laundry, take your pick.  He loves watching the clothes go round and round, and I absolutely cannot get any dishes done if he's around (embarrassing story on that one, for later).
- the piano keyboard and my Malaysian bongo drum. He is such a music baby. For Christmas Santa is bringing him a little toddler band; he really loves making music (not just noise, but actual music) and will shrill when he finds a beat.
Canadian Geese. Whenever he hears the honk of geese overhead he reaches his little arm up into the sky and tries to catch (at least I guess that is what he is doing) the geese. We see nearly a hundred each day. They are often swimming in the pond behind our complex, and when I take him for a stroller ride around the pond he giggles like crazy as we get closer to the geese.
We love our little Super Hero!!!

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Mel said...

Happy birthday to cute little Reid!

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