Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I watched the whole Republican Debate Tonight

Yup, I was that bored.

Actually, I had a ball. I have a couple of conservative friends on facebook that I really respect. So I jumped on their conversation thred and really had myself a good time.

Here's my final consensus: Gingrich is clearly out of touch with reality. Paul has good points, but is too far away from mainstream America (which is too bad, cause he's foreign policy plans are what we need right now, no one wants to hear it, but we invite other countries to disrespect us). Bachmann (I'll repent later for this but) I want to punch her in the face. Santorum had some good moments but his temper is out of control, and it doesn't help that no one knows who he is (and I'd recommend you don't google his name, you've been warned). Perry is dum duh dum dum dum, and it shows in each debate. Cain is too vulnerable, he created weak plans and stands by them regardless of their flaws (not to mention, his tax plan turns stay at home moms like me into poverty level Americans). I'm pretty convinced Romney will get my vote . . . in the Wisconsin open primary.

I love that Wisconsin has open primaries. Go cheese-heads!  


Polly Blevins said...

I missed the last night one but from someone who will most likely be voting for a republican I have to find things I like.

Bachman takes her stands and sticks by them. Admirable quality but I think she would be a very poor leader because every "stand" she takes, never gets voted in showing she does not have the power of persuasion. I think she is a lot like Sara Palin (who I really like but would never vote for her)

Gringrich doesn't get into name calling and things like that. Which I really like, that is about all I have to say about him.

Ron Paul is to far off for me personally but he does seem like a good man.

Santorum, same thing you said. I just don't like his personality much so it is hard for me to really listen to him. He seems like he is always trying to throw everyone under the bus rather than answer any questions.

I haven't seen any since Perry entered the race but Fox says he should be a strong contender. That is all I know about him.

Cain seems to inexperienced in the political world (and if I am saying that, it must be painfully obvious) but I really like his sense of humor and his demeanor. I think people who like him do because he takes a solid stand on what he says but I am with you, if you have flaws, fix them. Don't do stupid things just because you wrote it down in the beginning. I really don't want him to be like that. I want to vote for him but I doubt it will happen.

Romney so far is my front runner but my vote is still not cast.

Scott and Claudia said...

I like the idea that Wisconsin has open primaries. There is nothing about "open" in the fair state of Utah. All political decisions are made unethically behind closed doors -- which really makes me chuckle -- do the Republican powerhouses really think the Democrats could possibly have a say in such a red leaning state? I think they do it to control the "mainstream" faction of their party. The right wingers want total control and so far they pretty much have it.

I have always been too proud (I won't say ethical) to change my affiliation for the Republican primary, but this year I think I will. I want my voice heard. The way I figure it -- if Republicans won't allow an open election, my sin of lying will be on their heads, not mine!!!

I would have to vote for Romney at this point also, as he is the least extreme of the candidates, that is, unless Huntsman makes it to the Utah Primary. He would have to be my man if he does.

None of them holds a candle to Obama at this point.

Love, Pa

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