Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Try L'Bri

I mentioned a while back that I was going to start doing some work from home, for a woman I visit teach.

She's an executive manager with a skin care company, L'Bri Pure and Natural.  L'Bri's best comparison is probably Mary Kay.  In that the company is run like Mary Kay.  The products and focus is a little different though.  L'Bri focuses on skin care treatments, like moisturizers, deep pore cleansers, and night treatments that fight signs of aging and wrinkles.  They have a make up line, but Jody doesn't sell much of it. L'Bri's big appeal is that the number one ingredient in all their products is Aloe Vera. They have no chemicals or dyes, it's all 100% natural (aka organic). Which is funny, cause when I think of sales reps for an all organic company, I think more "hippy liberal," but the ladies I've met in the company are totally Christian conservative types. Anyway...

This post is totally random, but I just thought I'd explain the company I work for and what it is I do. Because Jody is an executive manager (she has the car) she's super busy training and improving her sales team, which leaves less time for focusing on her HUGE client base.  So I help her keep up with all that clientele paper work. I process her orders and make client profile sheets.  I send out invites for her shows.  I help prepare sample hand outs for vendor fairs. I draft her follow up e-mails and monthly newsletters.  I typically work 4 hours a week, which really isn't much (I could probably get more into it if I were more ambitious/excited about it). I try to plan my day so that I spend Reid's second nap doing work for Jody.

Well, that's it. This is probably the most boring blog post I've ever made. Working for L'Bri definitely doesn't give me the stories working at Dunbar provided. But it does let me stay home and love on Reid all day (and have a little cash for an occasional shopping splurge), so it's just perfect for me right now.

Incase you want to know more about L'Bri, here's the link to my bosses page (their internet server is kind of archaic, and the main reason she needed to hire me on). If you enjoy the Lia Sophia/Tastefully Simple/Mary Kay type line of work, I'd recommend you look into L'Bri as well.  

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Polly Blevins said...

How do her anti aging products compare to Loreal? Since I hit 30, I have started taking care of my skin. I guess my best defense would have been NOT tanning so much but better late than never.

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