Sunday, November 20, 2011


Ben and I had our Thanksgiving weekend early. His younger sister and her sweet baby flew to Illinois for a few days, and so all family members within a drivable distance got together over some Turkey. But that's not what this post is about. This post is about how I need to kick my butt in gear and finally scatter some gratitude around the internet. I was too lazy to post my thanks all month long (via blogger or facebook). I was also too lazy to post 10 days of thankfulness (ala 2009). So over the next 5 days you are going to get a condensed version of gratitude. Condensed on steroids that is. Each of my spotlighted subjects will require five reasons I am grateful . . . and I cannot use any of the subjects I wrote about in 2009.

Let's start with Wisconsin. Yes, I am very grateful for the land of cheese, beer, and crazy Packers fans (tho I have to mention the world would be a better place without one of those three things).  Five things I'm grateful Wisconsin has . . .  

Roundabouts. That's right, I love em! And trust me, if you could exchange all your freeway exits for roundabouts you would too. They move traffic along so much quicker. Plus, they look so much better than four giant stop lights, one after another (plus, when the power goes out, they still work).

Festival. Or just grocery shopping in general.  I remember when I first moved here I thought all the my favorite cereals must be on sale, but then I realized the sale never went away. Groceries are so much cheaper (than VA or UT) in Wisconsin! And Festival runs fabulous weekly coupon deals. I save about 33% (off already low prices) each week. This week I spent $60 but came home with $120 worth of food -- mmmm a freezer full of meat.

Geographic diversity. We are surrounded by forests, wetlands, prairies, and large lakes and rivers. I've learned each area you live in has some beauty to offer, and I'm grateful I get to experience some new ones.

Political passion. There is no doubt the people of Wisconsin are active members of their communities.

Packers. Okay, I'll admit when I started this list I did not think these guys would end up on it. But the reason I love the Packers is purely symbolic. The Packers are the only non-profit, community owned professional sports team in the entire USofA. That's HUGE! And that pride truly is tangible here in Wisconsin. It's a "business" model many state wide companies try to follow, and one I think every corporate entity should attempt to mimic.

It wasn't hard, but Wisconsin definitely earned a spot in my heart.

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