Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Well Hello Toddler

Reid has learned so many new tricks in the last month, it's hard to keep up with what he might do next. I really just can't underestimate how intelligent he is. For example, when he isn't in the mood for a nap (or when he's ready to get up for the day), he throws his blanket, his puppy, and his book out of his crib. Then he proceeds to scream. Even if I let him scream himself tired, I have to go into his room. Why?  Well, he doesn't sleep well (or at all) without his puppy. What a turd!

He's a terrible kisser, but gives kisses none the less. His kisses involve shoving his open, drooly mouth on your lips/nose/chin. High fives are usually given to dad's forehead. And he asks for more food (via sign language) just to play with it. 

He is an excellent snuggler (especially during Sesame Street, which means he watches more TV than he should). When we run errands he is fabulous and everyone compliments the little angel (not the mom). He's got the best grizzly bear growl and a giggle that melts our heart everyday.  

Sure do love him! Even on days like this . . .
The AM
The PM.  
Yup, these two pics were taken the SAME day! 

What a turd!

PS  Sorry Grandpa B, for the turd talk :)


Troy and Lisa said...

We love Sesame Street too...sometimes it makes me laugh out loud and then I realizes she's not even paying attention to it and I'm glued!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome to swear your little heart out when you arrive in Utah next week -- anything is fair -- but don't you dare call your adorable little boy a "turd" around me! I HATE that!!!!

Only 5 more days!!!

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