Thursday, January 26, 2012


I assure you, I have no envy of Steve Jobs.  I would rather die cold, homeless and starved than die with what he had.

That man treated people like cogs in a machine. He knew his factories hung nets in their buildings in order to catch people when they tried to commit suicide.  He knew parents in China would get phone calls, telling them their children were in the hospital, due to working conditions at factories he contracted with.  He knew the people who built his products were only paid 31 cents an hour and worked up to 35 hours straight -- standing so long their legs would swell, making them unable to walk. And yet, in PR stunts across the world he talked about how well treated they were because of the factories' nice restaurants.

I pray that when he met our Maker, he learned about the love of Christ.  I pray he learned how deeply Christ loves all His Chinese children who have been treated like animals so that Steve Jobs company could make record profits.  I pray he understands how deeply Christ has suffered for those children.

This may seem really out of the blue.  But I'll discuss it more later.  I can't even focus right now.  I'm sitting on my bed in tears. And I've only finished the first page of a seven page cover story printed by the NY Times today.

I NEVER read the Times. I don't read city newspapers, as I don't find them as credible a sources as national sites like NPR and Politico.  But this morning as I put Reid down for his nap I had the impression that I should check the NYTimes.

I'm so thankful I did.  As frustrating as the new knowledge I have is, I'm so thankful I have it.  

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Whitney Blake said...

I just finished the Steve Jobs Bio... I had no IDEA what kind of a person he was. I am curious to see how Apple does without him.

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