Monday, January 23, 2012

Learning to Kiss

I was so excited when Reid caught on to "kisses." Without prompting he kissed my parents goodnight while we were at their place for Christmas.  His snuggles were often paired with a few slobbery affections.  It was so adorable and I was so impressed by how well he learned to give kisses.  

Well turn the clock three weeks ahead, and now Reid ONLY kisses his dad. He absolutely will not give me any kisses, but he gives Ben four or five each day.  Ben doesn't even ask for them.  We'll just be playing in the front room and Reid will wander over to his Dad and give him a big kiss.  It's so cute, and so irritating all at the same time!

Sometimes, you really do just have to wonder what is going on in their little heads.
P.S. These pictures were taken on New Year's Eve 2011, when we awarded him Kid of the Year. If he keeps this "no kisses for mommy" business up there will not be a repeat in 2012 :).

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Anonymous said...

He is getting so dang big. We love and miss you all so much.

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