Sunday, January 29, 2012

Opportunities to do Good

A sister in our ward lost her husband earlier this week.  He was only 32 when a diabetic seizure took his life.  He left behind four adorable children.  This summer I told Katrina she needed to write a book about raising children, cause her's are the best behaved in Primary.

The youngest, 4, is in my class. Each week she reminds us that her dad is in heaven. Katrina had letters and drawings the kids created the evening of his death on display at the viewing. They really broke my heart, but also resembled how strong she is -- she is the rock they need.

Her birthday is two days after Valentine's Day, and I'm sure the whole week will be hard.  Another sister in our ward is organizing "Operation Valentine's Day" and trying to collect as many Wal-Mart gift cards as she can (even $5 ones will do).  The goal is to help the family out with their groceries this month.

Before I could even try to figure out what budget category I'd put that under, I realized my credit card reward program was the perfect opportunity to get a gift card for Katrina. I wanted to post these details just in case anyone else felt like they needed an opportunity to do some good this month.  If you'd like to help "Operation Valentine's Day" you can send a Wal-Mart gift card my way (seriously, $5 is enough) and I'll make sure the family gets the card.

I don't really want to puy my address up here though, so if you're interested I suppose you'll have to leave a comment.  There is a facebook group started, I could send you more info through facebook if you are interested.   

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Andrew & Gentry! said...

hey I want to send something. It won't be much but it will be something. My email is Will you send me your address there?

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