Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yup, this is what I did on a Saturday Night

Remember last time I watched a debate?  I was crazy in thinking Romney sounded best.  I think my confusion stemmed from Huntsman's absence.

I'm watching the latest debate at this very moment. And I have no one to talk to it about, so here you go . . .  real time thoughts.

I'm glad Bachmann is gone, gives other's more exposure.

Perry has really spent a lot of time practicing . . . ha ha.

I really think I'd vote for a Huntsman/Paul ticket. The GOP won't put it up, but really, I'd vote for them if they were teamed!

Sure wish I didn't have to listen to Gingrich. All I hear: blah blah I'm great blah blah I'm slimy blah blah the GOP must really be in bad shape if they are seriously considering me for a position higher than the one they fined and fired me for blah blah.

Santorum won't last on top long, financial hypocrite.

HUNTSMAN IS SO CLASSY!!!  He never attacks the other candidates, he never attacks Obama.  I really would vote for this guy!

Go Paul Go! I love that you bring up real issues! Dang you're smart. And bold! Drugs and the death penalty in one. I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!  If Ben were here he'd kiss you on the face, I'm sure of it.

An Obama/Huntsman debate would be so Presidential. Intellectual. Professional. Fabulous!

Santorum won't last on top long, intellectual hypocrite.

Gingrich . . . shut up about news media. You do this every debate, and it's ridiculous. I want to vomit all over your anti-Christian statement. Oh great, now Romney is agreeing. Christians in America are not under attack!  Even if they were . . . they kind of deserve it.

Oh, and now Mr Gingrich, you are going to attack Islam? So professional. You wonder why you hear anti-Christian undertones across the globe? You are clearly attacking the world's largest religion because they don't adhere to your Christian beliefs.

Santorum won't last on top long, lies about military/security needs.

Are these men really talking about starting new wars?  THEY ARE SO DUMB!!!  "We have to cut spending, we're broke."  10 minutes later -- "our troops should be in every nation on this Earth, cause we're perfect and everyone should be Christian. I don't like anyone different from me. Clone me, clone me. Then I can go kill people who aren't like me. And waste all the poor people's money while doing so. Yeah!"

------------This is the point I realized my ramblings were crazy.  And chilled out for a minute-----------------

Alright Romney, I hear you on that. Each American does have the right to pursue happiness.  In my pursuit of happiness I want quality health care for everyone. Affordable food (and even free food) available for our starving children. Shelter for the homeless women who live in our communities.  How do you propose I work toward my pursuit of happiness if your whole goal is to give the wealthy more wealth and the poor less opportunity, and to spend my money in pointless wars?

Does Santorum remember there are states West of Ohio?

Oh Romney, stop attacking Democrats. If you want to win the Presidency, you'll need some of our support. PS  You haven't lived in our Economy; you were worth millions of dollars the moment you were born.

Romney, planting fear in American hearts is unhealthy.  Remember, fear is of the devil.  wink wink

Romney, China sells us more stuff than we sell them because of the American CONSUMER. You can't fix American consumerism with a trade war. You are so dumb sometimes!

Final thoughts: Gingrich and Perry are probably going to drop out soon after the New Hampshire primary. The other four will make it a little further, but I'm pretty sure it will come down to Romney and Paul, and the GOP won't even consider Paul . . . so Romney it is. Bummer.


Troy and Lisa said...

I'm a Ron Paul fan too...impressed you can sit through a debate. I'd probably puke listening to Gingrich. I hate them all. We'll have Obama another 4 years after this republican circus.

Casie said...

I am always pulled to the candidates that stand on their own two feet and do not, DO NOT, criticize or demean the competition. It says a lot about character.

Anonymous said...

Interesting perspectives...

Scott and Claudia said...

I would wish for Huntsman all the way! He I will vote for. Any of the others I will cast my vote for President Obama like I did last election. Politics are interesting, politicians ummm I won't say what I think of the majority of them. Besides I am trying to give up swearing!

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